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What is a dns server

What is a dns server – How to change DNS records settings

What is a DNS server? and how to change DNS records has been a common part to know today! Come explore the world of the network through a brief knowledge about the Domain Name System. The main concept behind this DNS system is the decentralized system for the naming of computer systems and other services in a hierarchical form. In short, DNS associates information containing the various domain names. But in all such scenario, the basic question that arises is How to check where a DNS Record is pointing to? The answer to this question is very simple but certainly needs a better understanding ability.
What is dns server and how do you do it?
Basically, a DNS system specifies the database functionality services which are at its core. Thus, it provides a detailed specialization of the entire set of data structures. Now it is important for a DNS user to understand what a zone file is. A small set of instructions meant especially for resolving the Internet domain names to its appropriate IP address is genuinely termed as a zone file. So the steps include:

  • Firstly you should sign in the account center.
  • A perfect selection of domain for editing should be made.
  • Then a selection of the DNS and the Zone files are important.
  • Try editing the DNS zone file.
  • After making the desired changes, you can safely save your files.

Thus, in a DNS system, a number of records are stored in the database.
What is the dns server record?
The main aim of establishing the DNS records is to map files that tell or guides the domain name that which IP addresses are going to be associated with each domain. Thus, it suitably requires a proper handling of details, so they even guide you How to check where a DNS Record is pointing to? A request is being sent to the Domain Name System whenever a person tries to visit a website. As these records contain the IP addresses, so they are equally important.
What is my dns server
How to check where a DNS Record is pointing to? It has been an important part while going through the DNS records. These all plays a vital role while you are planning for being knowledgeable in fields of the administrator. Thus, come learn its uses and types in a very suitable manner. Now you are clear about what is a dns server and How to fix DNS server not responding problem.
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