What is a 500 internal server error with tips to solve 500 server error Nginx

What is a 500 internal server error and how to fix it in wordpress website

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What is a 500 internal server error with tips to solve internal server error Nginx

When dealing with a website, sometimes, something just happens to go wrong. Once in a while, when opening a website with the help of the ‘https’ protocol, you might get an error that goes by the name of “500 internal server error“. So what exactly is it and what triggers it? That is exactly what you will find out here.

General Idea about internal server error
Sometimes, the web server which is responsible for running your website comes across a condition that prevents it from fulfilling a certain request of yours. Hence, an error is generated by this Web server indicating that something or the other is not right. But at the same time, the server is unable to be more specific regarding the error. Thus, a 500 internal server error is generated and notified to the client. More details can be found in the error logs. In fact 500 Internal Server Error is a general HTTP status code shows after something gone wrong while requesting to browse.

500 errors in HTTP cycle
When a client communicates with a particular Web Server, it goes through a certain procedure. Here is the entire cycle:

  • Using the Domain Name Service (DNS) to obtain the IP address from the domain name of the website you are trying to access.
  • Opening a connection for the IP socket to the IP address.
  • Writing an HTTP data stream with the help of the socket.
  • Receiving a data stream from the Web Server in the form of a response. They contain codes which are determined by HTTP protocol itself. This stream is parsed in order to get useful information out of it.

Fixing This Error
What you need to know about 500 internal server errors. There are several methods of fixing this 500 error. Here are some of them:

  • Sometimes, a task as simple as reloading the webpage is good enough to get rid of the error. That i achieved by pressing F5 on the keyboard or through the reload button on the browser.
  • Clearing the cache stored in your browser is also effective sometimes. The version of a particular page you are viewing may be the cause of the 500 errors.
  • Deleting browser cookies is also an alternative which sometimes works. Of course, you will have to restart your browser after doing so.

In most cases, the above 3 can achieve the removal of the 500 internal server error for good. Here you are clear about what is 500 internal server error.
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