What countries make up Scandinavia in Scandinavian Peninsula

What countries make up Scandinavia and the Nordic countries

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What countries make up Scandinavia in Scandinavian peninsula?

List of Scandinavian countries in Nordic region makes you clear what are the five countries that make up Scandinavia. Scandinavia consists of the countries like Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. Sometimes countries such as Finland, Iceland, and the Faroe Islands are also included in the Scandinavia. They are characterized by common ethnic-culture.

Where is Scandinavia located in the world map?
All these countries fall in the northern Europe. The term also refers of Scandinavian Peninsula.

Where did the Scandinavians come from?
The name of Scandinavia originated from the region of Scania. The majority of these people are associated with similar culture. The principle languages include Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, Swedish and Norwegian.

What is the largest Scandinavian country?
The largest of all these Scandinavian countries is Denmark.

Why are Denmark, Norway and Sweden known as Scandinavian countries?
Why are these countries known as Scandinavian countries because they lieon the Scandinavian Peninsula. Iceland on the other hands does not lie on this Scandinavian Peninsula, but it is culturally linked with these Scandinavian countries. So, sometimes Iceland is also considered as Scandinavian countries. Denmark also does not lie in this peninsula, but if you go back in the history, you will find that the Danes, are actually from south Sweden.

Brief History of Scandinavian countries

  • In the Paleolithic age, there are Ahrensburg culture and tribes. Reindeer used to gaze in these regions.
  • In the Mesolithic age, the hunters moved to the northern Scandinavia. There were different tribes growing in different parts. All the tribes are mostly hunters.
  • In the Neolithic age, people learned to colonize, cultivate land and make pottery. In the latter Neolithic era, new tribes came in, with battle and culture.
  • Then came the roman iron age, German Iron Age and finally the Viking age.

Who are the Vikings and what did they do?
The Vikings are actually Scandinavian worries as well as traders. The name Viking means a pirate raid. In the period of 700 to 1100 AD, the Vikings set out to other countries like Britain and Iceland. Some Vikings just go there to steal treasure, which some settled there permanently. The Vikings generally used the Baltic Sea and Norwegian Sea routes. Their religious beliefs are associated with Norse mythology.

What are the Vikings best known for?
Vikings are known for battle, honor and trade. The Christianisation begin in the Scandinavian region around 980. Iceland adopted Christianity in 1000 AD, whereas Sweden took more time to accept Christianity. Now you are clear about what countries makeup Scandinavia?

What countries make up Scandinavia
Here we are going to make you clear how many countries are in Scandinavia and what are their names listed here. Sweden is the largest country of Scandinavia Europe.

What countries make up Scandinavia Peninsula

Countries in Scandinavia              Capital cities
Norway                                                 Oslo
Sweden                                                 Stockholm
Finland                                                 Helsinki
Denmark                                              Copenhagen
Iceland                                                  Reykjavik

Where is Scandinavia located on the world map

Now your interest to know; what countries make up the Scandinavian peninsula clear. You can read detail about this countries go throw the List of countries in Scandinavian Peninsula.

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