What countries are in the Middle East

What countries are in the Middle East – List of Middle East Countries

What countries are in Middle East
Here we are going to make you clear how many countries are in Middle East and what are their names listed here.
What are the Middle East countries and their names
Countries in Middle                           East    Capital cities
Egypt                                                        Cairo
Iran                                                          Tehran
Turkey                                                     Ankara
Iraq                                                           Baghdad
Saudi Arabia                                         Riyadh
Yemen                                                      Sana’a
Syria                                                         Damascus
United Arab Emirates                       Abu Dhabi
Israel                                                       Jerusalem
Jordan                                                    Amman
Palestine                                                Ramallah
Lebanon                                                  Beirut
Oman                                                       Muscat
Kuwait                                                     Kuwait City
Qatar                                                        Doha
Bahrain                                                   Manama
Afghanistan                                           Kabul

Where is Middle East located on the world map

Now your interest to know; how many countries are there in Middle East clear. Know more what are the Middle East countries; You can read detail about this countries go throw the List of countries in Middle East.

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