What countries are in Latin America

What countries are in Latin America – Latin American countries

What countries are in Latin America
Amazon rain forest and Patagonia are the highlight of Latin America. Here we are going to make you clear how many countries are in Latin America and what are their names listed here.
What countries are in Latin America and their names
Countries in Latin America                          Capital cities
Brazil                                                                    Brasília
Mexico                                                                  Mexico City
Colombia                                                             Bogotá
Argentina                                                            Buenos Aires
Peru                                                                       Lima
Venezuela                                                            Caracas
Chile                                                                      Santiago
Ecuador                                                                Quito
Guatemala                                                           Guatemala City
Cuba                                                                       Havana
Bolivia                                                                   Sucre
Dominican Republic                                        Santo Domingo
Haiti                                                                      Port-au-Prince
Honduras                                                             Tegucigalpa
Paraguay                                                              Asunción
Nicaragua                                                            Managua
El Salvador                                                         San Salvador
Costa Rica                                                           San José
Panama                                                               Panama City
Puerto Rico (US)                                              San Juan
Uruguay                                                              Montevideo
Guadeloupe (France)                                     Basse-Terre
Martinique (France)                                      Fort-de-France
French Guiana                                                  Cayenne
Saint Martin (France)                                   Philipsburg
Saint Barthélemy (France)                         Gustavia

Where is Latin America located on the world map

Now your interest to know; how many countries are there in Latin America clear. You can read detail about this countries go throw the List of countries in Latin America.

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