What calendar is used in Nepal with new official calendar of Nepal

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What calendar is used in Nepal with new official calendar of Nepal

Need to know about Nepali Calendar is the main calendar used in Nepal. This calendar is a multicultural calendar with festivals and events of all the ethnic groups that live in Nepal.
What calendar is used in Nepal
Bikram Samvat or Bikrami Calendar is the historical calendar of Nepal and India. This is the official calendar of Nepal and Bangladesh. The Nepali calendar is known as Nepali Patro in Nepal. Similar to other Hindu calendars, the official Nepali calendar uses solar sidereal years and lunar months. This calendar is 56 years and 7 months ahead of the English (Gregorian) calendar.
So, based on the Nepali Calendar, the current year in Nepal is 2075 Bikram Samvat. Unlike the Gregorian and other international calendars, this calendar has varied dates in every month. New Year starts from the mid of April month in Nepal. It marks the start of the new solar year. Unlike the English calendar, days of the months are not known in the Nepali calendar.

The official calendar of Nepal

Bikaram Samvat calendar was established by the great Indian ruler Bikrmaditya. Bikramaditya was a legendary king of ancient India. He was famous for his bravery, generosity, honesty, and patronage of the scholarly people. He is described as the universal ruler with the capital of his kingdom in the sacred Ujjain city. Following his victory over the Shakas, king Bikramaditya started the Bikram Samvat era in 58 BCE.
Some historians say that emperor Bikramaditya existed around the 1st century BCE. Many scholars claim that Bikramaditya is not real but just a mythological character. People often incorrectly associate the Bikram Samvat with the subsequent king Chandragupta II of Gupta Empire who adopted the Bikramaditya title.

Nepali calendar months name

01: Baishakh, 02: Jestha, 03: Ashadh 04: Shrawan, 05: Bhadra, 06: Aswin, 07: Kartik, 08: Mangsir, 09: Poush, 10: Magh, 11: Falgun, 12: Chaitra

Bikram Samvat calendar is very popular in India as well as Nepal. In northern India, the Bikram Samvat calendar starts with the 1st day after the new moon in the Chaitra month. Usually this month falls in the March or April month of the English calendar. In the Western India, the same calendar starts with the 1st day after the new moon in the Kartika month. The Kartika month usually falls in the October or November month of the English calendar. In addition to the Bikram Samvat, Nepalese people also widely use the Gregorian calendar.

Nepali calendar Bikram Sambat with Nepali patro tithi miti

Many historical inscriptions and manuscripts use Bikram Samvat. When Rana rulers gained power in Nepal, they discontinued Bikram Samvat for a long time. They also discontinued the official Shaka Samvat in 1823. However, they later replaced Shaka Samvat with Bikram Samvat for functionary use. Bikram Samvat was accepted as official Nepali calendar in 1958.

It is a fact that people in Nepal use more than one calendar and they also celebrate their new year according to all those calendars. In addition to Bikram Samvat, Neplaese also have a special calendar which is a unique lunar calendar, known as Nepal Samvat. The calendar originated in Nepal and it has a strong connection with the Nepalese traditions. Nepalese celebrate all festivals and perform rituals according to the Nepal Samvat in Kathmandu Nepal.
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