What are the problems of education in Nepal with issues & challenges

Nepal education system facts list the problems of education in Nepal

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What are the problems of education in Nepal with issues & challenges

Present status of education in Nepal
The main problems of education in Nepal is that the average people cannot get quality education in Nepal. There is huge difference between private and government education system in Nepal. Being a back warded country most of Nepalese are poor cannot afford quality education from private school.
Quality of the education in government schools are very poor. It can produce the number of literate people only. That are qualified to be a labor in Arabian country, Malaysia and other nation where there are labor wanted. Current scenario shows that more than 5.5 million young (18 to 40 years) working in foreign country as a labor after complete the Test, SEE, SLC, intermediate, bachelor degree in Nepal from the government school. Those who studies in private school they are searching the opportunity in the developed world.

How to improve education system in Nepal

Few years ago Nepal had changed its education system from absolute marks to a grading system with the intention of promoting students up to the 10th class. Many of the educated people in Nepal and Nepalese people outside the nation are aware of the problems of education in Nepal. They have enlisted some of the main problems that the system faces in Nepal.

List the problems of education in Nepal

01: Poor Quality Of Government Schools
This is quoted as one of the severe problem faced today. The standard of education is poor and the quality of teachers is dismal in government schools. The administration is corrupt, and the teachers are more involved in politics. There is also a lot of favoritism shown to some students.
The private schools charge heavily and are not affordable for most people. They are also more interested in showing a full pass percentage.

02: Teacher are not qualified
Course of basic school education changes many time but still very old teacher teaching in school. they have no knowledge about generation gap and new method to teach the students. government provide training for them but will not follow accordingly. There are many teachers come from the political background they neglect teaching students.

03: The Syllabus
The syllabus in the higher secondary level, 10th and 12th are not of good standard. They are far below the CBSE standard. There has not been much improvement in the syllabus.

04: Drop-Outs
Nepal faces a huge problem of drop-outs in both the primary and secondary level of schools. This is very high in the case of girls. There are many factors for this. One reason is that the children from poor families are forced to quit school and help the parents in their farms. This is one of the major challenges of education in Nepal.
Early marriage of girls is still very much happening in Nepal. Education is not given priority when it comes to girls. This results in a huge drop-out rate among girls at the higher secondary level.
The drop-out rate increases with the level of education. The drop-out rates in the upper secondary are much higher than that in lower secondary.

05: Political Situation
This is mentioned as one of the main problems. The political situation in Nepal continues to be fluid. Nepal went through violent insurgency between 1996 and 2006. Even after that, the situation has not been very stable. A democratic election was held in Nepal in 2017 after a gap of 17 years. It is to be seen whether the education system will benefit from this.

It is possible to find the solution of education problem in Nepal but there are not any effective task done to solve the problem. Present status of education in Nepal really very good for rich people and really terrible for poor people “those who cannot afford private education in Nepal“.

Despite the bad past, there seems to be a move to eradicate the issues of education in Nepal.