What are the Caribbean countries capitals with list of Caribbean countries

What are the Caribbean countries and their capitals

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What are the Caribbean countries capitals with list of Caribbean countries

The Caribbean countries are actually islands which surround the Caribbean Sea. There are thousands of islands. Some of the popular islands countries are Anguilla, Barbados, Cuba, British Virgin Islands and Haiti etc. The people living this region have a mixed origin. So, they speak multiple languages like Spanish, French, Dutch, English, and others.
How many Caribbean islands are there?
The total number of islands is more than 7000, and there are all total of 28 island nations.
Facts about Caribbean countries

  • The total area of all the island together is about 2.754 million square kilometers in the Caribbean Sea as well as North Atlantic Ocean.
  • The population of all the islands together will be 39.17 million.
  • This cluster of islands lies in the southeast of the Gulf of Mexico, and the North American mainland. It is also to the north of South America and east of Central America.
  • It has three large islands namely, Puerto Rico, Hispaniola, and Cuba.

History of Caribbean islands
Archaeologists say that from the second millennium BC humans are living in South America. The Caribs are very primitive. There were nomadic tribes, which extended their territories by warfare. They had a wired rule, that, when they defeat the opponent, they marries the women and eats up the men.
Who colonized the Caribbean?
British colonized most of the island countries of Caribbean like Bermuda, St. Kitts, Barbados, Nevis, Antigua, Montserrat, Anguilla, Tortola and Windward Islands. Hispaniola, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Jamaica, and Trinidad were settled by Spanish.
When was the Caribbean found and by who?
The exploitation of the Caribbean landscape dates back to the Spanish conquistadors around 1600. Significant development came when Christopher Columbus wrote back to Spain that the islands were made for sugar development. The next group which arrived at these islands are Spaniards. Columbus reached the Bahamas in the year of 1492 on 12th October. Columbus as well as Pinzon brothers both stepped on the shore on the same day and grounded the flag of Spain. They named the place San Salvador. They sailed on following days the discovered many islands and named them as well. Finally, in November, they reached one of the main islands that are Cuba.
After these, the Caribbean islands had to go through many hard days. People were taken from these islands as slaves. The British law considered these slaves as their properties. The French law and Spanish law were more lenient than the British law. Then there were slave rebellions, and Haiti was the first one to get the independence, in 1804.
Happiest countries in the Caribbean
Jamaica is ranked second in the happiest countries of Caribbean. Now you are clear What are the Caribbean countries and what are the facts and what is considered the Caribbean.
What countries are in Caribbean
Here we are going to make you clear how many countries are in Caribbean and what are their names listed here.
What are the Caribbean countries and their names
Countries in Caribbean                     Capital cities
Cuba                                                         Havana
Dominican Republic                          Santo Domingo
Haiti                                                        Port-au-Prince
Puerto Rico (US)                                San Juan
Jamaica                                                   Kingston
Trinidad and Tobago                         Port of Spain
Guadeloupe (France)                          Basse-Terre
Martinique (France)                           Fort-de-France
Bahamas                                                  Nassau
Barbados                                                 Bridgetown
Saint Lucia                                              Castries
Curaçao (Netherlands)                       Willemstad
Aruba (Netherlands)                             Oranjestad
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines     Kingstown
US Virgin Islands (US)                            Charlotte Amalie
Grenada                                                         St. George’s
Antigua and Barbuda                                 St. John’s
Dominica                                                       Roseau
Cayman Islands (UK)                                 George Town
Saint Kitts and Nevis                                 Basseterre
Sint Maarten (Netherlands)                    Philipsburg
Turks and Caicos Islands (UK)                Cockburn Town
Saint Martin (France)                                 Philipsburg
British Virgin Islands (UK)                       Road Town
Anguilla (UK)                                                  The Valley
Saint Barthélemy (France)                        Gustavia
Montserrat (UK)                                             Little Bay

Where is Caribbean located on the world map

Now your interest to know; how many countries are there in Caribbean islands clear. Know more what are the Caribbean countries, You can read detail about this countries go throw the List of countries in Caribbean Sea.

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