Ultimate tips & tricks to learn how to make money online from Nepal

Creative ideas to make money online in Nepal sitting at home in Kathmandu

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Ultimate tips & tricks to learn how to make money online from Nepal

Online job can be taken as the main source of income or as a part time work to make some extra cash. It all depends on how one scales in up. Many Nepalese still do not know how to make money online from Nepal. If you are among them, and you are interested, then you have come to the right place. Just read on and find out. In this post, I will inform you of some of the most effective ways to make money online from Nepal. Here we go!
How to earn money in Nepal online without paying anything

01: YouTube
YouTube is a money-making machine for money-oriented people. I bet you usually download and watch movies and videos on YouTube. But did you know the owner of those movies and videos earn money every time you visit their YouTube channel? Well, now you know.
Start your own YouTube channel. You can start with something you know about. Some of the great ideas include prank videos, dance cover, video logs, reviews, Nepali Guitar lesson and so on. When you get a descent number of subscribers and followers, you can go ahead and put up few advertisement deals with local companies. When you promote your client’s products or services, you will also earn some money.
Eventually, you can decide to sell your accounts and earn good money if you wish to.

02: Blogging
The most effective ways to earn money online in Nepal is blogging. you can Use Your knowledge and Free Time To Earn Money Online from Nepal. Buy a domain setup hosting on it, install word press to make a website. you can use free template at the beginning. Personally i suggest all to start a niche blog to earn money online from Kathmandu sitting at home.

03: Freelancing
Freelancing is another effective way to make money online from Nepal. If you have any skill set, you can work on various projects matching your skills and get paid for your services. Some of the most common freelancing projects include:

#Video editing
#Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
#Web and graphic design
#Writing articles, blogs and E-books
#Sell gig on Fiverr and other sites

For you to make good money as a freelancer, you will have to build an impressive profile with positive reviews.

04: Facebook
You can also make money online from Nepal by using Facebook. Create a Facebook page. You can create the page on humor, travel, or anything. Invite people to join and grow up an audience. Remember to keep your audience engaged on your Facebook page. When you have more than 50 k followers, you can then sell your page and earn some good money. You have to have a website to use a instant article on it to make good money. Alternatively, you can reach out to the local businesses and offer them an advertising and marketing deal on your Facebook page.

05: Affiliate marketing
You can make money online from Nepal by promoting the services or products of a business. As an affiliate marketer, your work is to promote the products or services of the merchant. You will be earning money every time someone buys a product or service through your site.

These are Complete Natural ways to earn money online from Nepal. if you are searching something without paying anything or spending any penny then very difficult to earn online except freelancing. I think given ideas help and provide some knowledge on how to make money online from Nepal.