Tips about bars, clubs with attractions of nightlife in Kathmandu Nepal

Unlimited entertainment with best Nightlife in Kathmandu city Thamel

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Tips about bars, clubs with attractions of nightlife in Kathmandu Nepal

The best nightlife activities Kathmandu city attract many foreign tourist as well as Nepalese. If you would like to take a taste of Nightlife in Kathmandu visit top bars & clubs in Thamel. It begins about 9:30 and live till 1 o’clock to take pleasure on Nightlife in Kathmandu Nepal.

Explore nightlife activities in Kathmandu city

Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal is one of the most visited tourist places in the country.Tips About Bars, Clubs With Attractions Of Nightlife In Kathmandu Nepal Tourists from all over the world make it a point to visit this place at least once in their lifetime to have a glimpse of the beautiful city and the majestic Himalayas that form the backdrop. One can enjoy nightlife in Kathmandu with proper planning and research.
Explore the attractions of nightlife in Kathmandu Nepal
Besides the day, even the night time is full of fun and adventure in Kathmandu. This city does breathe life and activity during night time. Some of the top things to do in Kathmandu, Nepal at night time are as follows:
Thamel: It is a beautiful place to be, round the clock. It is visited by both foreigners and locals like to enjoy bars, high brow attractions, hotels, dance shows, restaurants, etc.

Clubs & Bars: There are good numbers of bars and clubs scattered across the city, open during the night time to provide service. It is the best time to befriend people, taste wine, dance to the musical vibes, taste different types of food, etc.
Night clubs and discotheques: Those who love to flex their body and have the fun can visit the clubs here and ask the DJ to play their favorite music.
Night Shows: Some theaters are allowed to run night shows here much to the delight of those who love watching movies. The person can take his beloved one or friends to enjoy night time screening of favorite movies.


Folk dance and music: Some bars here are known to play traditional folk music known as Dohori Sajh. This will help to know the local people’s rich culture and tradition. The bar also offers its guests with beverage servings and tasty delicacy.
Live Concerts: Some outdoor fields, restaurants and bars hire popular singers to spread musical vibes among the guests. Concerts are held mostly on Friday nights to help people to get relief from their work pressure and to relax their moods.
Casinos: If the desire is to get engaged in gambling, then casinos in this region are one of the best activities to carry out. This is sure to take entertainment to the next level.Be careful with Kathmandu night girl, Gay, Lesbian, crime-related scams. Some dance bars, night clubs at Thamel cheat you on bill do not forget cross check or select safe place.

The above are just few of the many activities that can be done to enjoy nightlife in Kathmandu Nepal. Understanding them properly will only enhance the moods, fun and frolic during the visit. I think now you are clear about nightlife in Thamel Kathmandu Nepal experience the fun.

Either after or before Kathmandu nightlife tour you can go for Kathmandu to Everest base camp trek or Everest base camp helicopter tour. Mount Everest is the highlights of Nepal trip beside that you can select Pokhara, Chitwan, Lumbini or other routes for trekking in Nepal.