Tihar Festival facts to know how to celebrate Tihar festival in Nepal

Diwali festival information history, story with reason why is Diwali celebrated

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Tihar Festival facts to know how to celebrate Tihar festival in Nepal

Deepavali festival of lights in Nepal
Well, to tell you the fact I like Tihar festival then others festivals celebrates in Nepal. All brothers and sisters get together in parent house for Bhai tika. Playing Bhailo and Deusire in all houses of village with friend carry amazing experience. These days modernization affect the typical ways to celebrate Tihar Festival in Nepal mainly in city area.

Fact about Tihar Festival in Nepal

Tihar Festival in Nepal is among the popular festivals that are celebrated here with great pomp and grandeur. It is also called the Diwali, or the festival of lights. All government institutions, schools and offices are closed on this day. This festival celebrates triumph of knowledge, good and light over evil. It also marks turning of the year in Nepal Sambat, the lunar calendar of the Nepalese.
The exact date of the occasion depends upon the year during Kartik “in between late October & early November” month. People of all ages celebrate Tihar Festival in Nepal, which lasts for about five days and also celebrates animals as they good for humans.

What does Diwali festival celebrate?

Tihar is celebrated using diyas or lit lanterns, which is placed within and outside the homes. Tihar Festival facts to know how to celebrate Tihar festival in NepalAlso are held firework shows that are a real delight for young children and adults alike. Diwali is also the time for prayer and renovation of the home and office. People clean their homes, meet families, exchange prayers, etc. Being festival of lights, it represents victory of knowledge, hope over despair and ignorance and good over evil.
Tihar in Nepal, marks the completion of the Nepali lunar calendar and hence, renovations are quite crucial. Such renewal feeling tends to apply for various things, ranging from the family’s overall health to wealth and business.

How is Tihar festival celebrated in Nepal?
Tihar is celebrated for over 5 days in Nepal. Every day of the festival marks different celebrations and rituals. These 5 days of festival is called “Yamapanchak”

Day One: “Kaag Tihar” is said to celebrate crows as they are considered to be messenger of gods.
Day Two: “Kukur Tihar” is said to celebrate dogs for their loyalty towards humans.
Day Three: “Gai Tihar” is said to celebrate cows “Laxmi Pooja“. Being the year’s last day, people offer prayers to Goddess Lakshmi to provide wealth. They light lamps, visit communities and families.
Day Four: “Goru Tihar” is said to celebrate oxen. “Mha Puja” tends to celebrate the onset of the ‘New Year’. This is done by taking proper care of the mind and body.
Day Five: “Bhai Tika” is said to celebrate love of sisters and brothers, sharing of gifts, prayers and garlands.

Diwali Festival in Nepal also witnesses people visiting their relatives, friends and neighbors, sing seasonal songs like Deusi Re (boys) and Bhailo (girls) and also dance. They give out gifts, money to charity and seek blessings from the god almighty and from elders.

All diwali festival information helps the students to write an essay Diwali Festival in Nepal. After popular Teej and dashain festival, diwali celebrated according to the Nepali calendar. think after reading this article you know basic idea about Deepawali festival in Nepal. If any foreigner interested to celebrate Tihar Festival in Nepal consult local travel agents to organize cultural trip. You can celebrate this festival after and before stay at Everest comfort lodges on Luxury Everest base camp trek Nepal also.