The best wines made in Nepal to buy online local wine products in Nepal

List of Nepali wine products of liquor industry from wine factory in Nepal

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The best wines made in Nepal to buy online local wine products in Nepal

Increasing popularity of Nepali wine products make the liquor industry of Nepal stable day by day. it is difficult to sell other product in Nepal but very easy to sell the best wine products in Nepal. High sales keep liquor sellers, manufacturers, suppliers and wine factory in Nepal on high. When wine lovers take the taste of wines made in Nepal they never forget it taste and try to search Nepal made wine.
With socializing and party culture on the increase across the globe, Nepal is also not untouched. Youngsters and adults alike in Nepal have developed the tendency to drink wine. Right from the start of ethnic civilizations, Nepal is known to brew local home developed alcohols, much more the advent of sophisticated drinks like the vodka, whisky, beer manufacturing began in this country.

Nepali wine name list of wines made in Nepal

Over half a dozen wine products in Nepal are sold and occupy about 30% of the wine market in the country. Previously, not many were known to look at Nepal local made wine bottles. However, the trend has changed and over 100,000 bottles are being in demand in the local market and some are even imported abroad! The quality and taste of Nepali wines has captured the imagination of the wine lovers.
Some of the best wine products in Nepal
If you would like to take a taste of wines made in Nepal check the list of best wine products in Nepal.

Hinwa: This popular wine is created at Sankhuwasabha by ‘Makalu Wine Industries’. The best wines made in Nepal to buy online local wine products in NepalIt is brewed from wild fruits such as the Himalayan barberry, raspberry and saffron. The first wine bottle was manufactured in 1995. It is presently regarded to be the market’s number one brand.

Dadaghare: This wine is produced in Pokhara and is regarded to be the country’s first wine. Besides local customers, even foreigners including Europeans have developed a taste for it. It is available in 4 different flavors like Aangan, Pidi, Majheri and Aati. It uses various types of herbal fruits, fruits and honey, while being 100% chemical free.

Divine: It is among the fastest selling Nepal made wine in the market and got introduced in the year 2010. Shree Mahakali wine produces this brand and uses spices, grapes, tea, combined with different types of fruits.

Grapple & Nettlange: This brand is produced using entirely from rich quality black grapes that are imported from the neighboring country India, while apples are imported from Mustang. Sakaro Beverages are the creators of this brand that has went on to win the hearts of the locals and foreigners alike. It is among the popularly sold Nepali wines. It is made from oranges and Sisno (nettles).

Royal Big Master: royal big master wine Nepal going popular between consumer in Nepal and out. Royal Big mater is another brands on wine production in Nepal, it produce 100% refined and pure wine in Nepal.

More and more local entrepreneurs are being encouraged to enter this field of wine manufacturing. They do make the country proud by producing good quality products that does give the foreign counterparts with stiff competition. I think this article helps you to know about the wines made in Nepal and highly consume best wine products in Nepal. If you need more detail consult manufacturers, suppliers or wine factories in Nepal.