The best Nepal trekking agency list of top 10 trekking agencies in Nepal

Overview of trekking agency Nepal with list of best trekking agencies in Nepal

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The best Nepal trekking agency list of top 10 trekking agencies in Nepal

Which Nepal trekking agency or which trekking agencies in Nepal are best? This is the first question in the mind of tourists in Nepal. Many travelers from around the world plan to do trekking in Nepal during holiday. Over 2000 Nepal trekking agencies are offering their services to the trekkers in Nepal. So, it is very difficult to find a suitable best trekking agency in Nepal.
The entire trekking experience of a tourist depends on the trekking agency, so trekkers should collect necessary information about the trekking agencies Nepal and compare their services, prices & customer reviews before making a decision.

Recommended list of top 10 trekking agencies in Nepal

01: Base Camp Excursion (Everest region specialist) The best Nepal trekking agency list of top 10 trekking agencies in Nepal
This is only Everest region specialized best trekking agencies in Nepal. They design tailor-made itineraries to give mesmerizing travel experiences in the wild, beautiful region of the Himalayas. This agency registered on company registrar, department of tax, licensed by ministry of tourism and civil aviation, active member NMA etc. Reputed company organize environment friendly trips & provide the value of money package according to the needs of travelers.
02: Himalayan Glacier
It is one of the best trekking agencies in Nepal with 26 years of experience in travel management. They have been operating since 1992 and currently they offer more than 200 holiday packages for competitive prices.

03: Asian Trekking
Asian trekking is one of the most reliable trekking agencies in Nepal. Their experience surpasses many other trekking agencies in Nepal.
04: Nepal Hiking Team
This agency is one of the most reliable trekking agencies in Nepal which provides best trekking services and highly experienced guides.

05: Explore Himalaya
Explore Himalaya is a leading trekking agency in Nepal.

06: Snowy Horizon
Snowy horizon is a Kathmandu based leading trekking agency that offers and eco-friendly trekking services to the tourists.

07: Mountain Monarch
Mountain Monarch is a popular Nepal trekking agency that offers flexible itineraries for individuals and groups.
08: Ace the Himalaya
Ace the Himalaya is top trekking agency Nepal that offers many customized packages to the customers to discover Himalayas of Nepal.

09: Royal Mountain Trekking
Royal Mountain is a top trekking agency in Kathmandu Nepal, that can plan a wonderful trekking expedition for you.
10: Good Taste Trekking
Good Taste Trekking is one of the popular trekking agencies in Nepal.

Every Nepal trekking agency needs to register itself with Nepal Government department of tourism and Nepal Tourism Board NTB to operate and offer trekking tours services to the tourists in Nepal. If a Nepal trekking agency also offers climbing as a service, it also needs to register itself with the Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA).
It is not necessary to be a member of TAAN these days. It’s economic activities are not fare in this way Nepal tourism board discontinue to provide the regular budget collected by selling TIMS Nepal. Note that it is not necessary to issue the TIMS to go for Everest base camp trek in Nepal.

Anyone can check the list of all trekking agencies in Nepal that have registered themselves in Nepal tourism board because the list is available on NTB’s web directory.
The best Nepal trekking agency list selected according to the survey, reviews and feedback of travelers in different forum, travel portals etc. I think given list of top 10 trekking agencies in Nepal helps you to select the best local to organize the travel tours in Nepal. If you find other trekking agency in Nepal better then given list update on comment box. Visit Nepal with destination expert or any one from top 10 trekking agencies in Nepal to make lifetime journey.

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Nepal trekking agency list of top 10 trekking agencies in Nepal