Shamanism tours Nepal to see spiritual healing ritual shamans of Nepal

Nepal shamanism tour package to observe shamanism practice an ancient tradition in Nepal

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Shamanism tours Nepal to see spiritual healing ritual shamans of Nepal

Information of Himalayan shamanism in Nepal
All right, I’m going to share some thought on traditional healing methods and shamanism tours Nepal. Shamanism tour in Nepal is a newly emerging concept to observe spiritual healing ritual perform by shamans of Nepal. It takes the tourists and acquaints them with the ancient practice of shamanism in Nepal. The tourists can see the shamans perform their rituals and connect with the spirits and the divine for healing people.
The Nepal Shamanism tour is gaining popularity as the international travelers are inclined towards spirituality and the supernatural. They get an insight into the lives of the Shamans and their incredible healing and supernatural powers, which they use for the betterment of the community.

Overview of Shamanism
Shamanism is one of the oldest forms of healing practice prevalent in Nepal. The word Shaman means “to know” or “to see in the dark.” Shamanism is an ancient practice, from the time when there was lack of modern medicine and medical sciences for curing people. People in those times believed in supernatural forces and power for curing and healing sickness.
Thus, the practice of Shamanism emerged from this lack of medicine and health services. The practice of Shamanism was started about 5000 years ago in Nepal. Shamanism is not a religion in itself and is practiced by all the religious people.

Dhami jhakri in Nepal
The people who practice Shamanism in Nepal are called as Shamans. They dwell into the semi to full unconsciousness to interact with the spirits and relate it back to the real world. The Shamans have healing powers which are beyond the physical world. They gain this knowledge by contacting the spiritual guides and teachers. They possess powers of healing both the dead and alive by using sacred objects like drums and chanting or dancing.

Shamans are known to use their powers for the benefit of the community and they also maintain a balance between their people and the rest of the world. It is also a rule that the true Shamans will not use their powers to harm others or in any unwanted manner.

Shamanism tours in Nepal price
The Shamanism tours Nepal takes about one week. There are many operators who provide the Nepal Shamanism tour and provide customized packages based on the tourist’s requirements. The average cost though starts from approximately $450 per person for a week.

The Shamanism tour in Nepal offers spiritual insights to the tourists in the art of “Dhami, Jhankri” and the life of Shamans. The tourists get to visit the villages and experience the Shamanism being carried out. They also get to learn about Shamanism and Tibetan and Nepalese from the master Shamans themselves. I think now you are clear about Himalayan shamanism in Nepal. If you need even more detail on this ancient tradition contact local travel agents to organize Nepal shamanism tours.

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