Scope, status and importance of commercial vegetable production in Nepal

What is the current condition of vegetable market in Nepal

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Scope, status and importance of commercial vegetable production in Nepal

In fact; the status of vegetable production in Nepal growing slowly. Local farmers start to use the modern technology on commercial vegetable production in Nepal. There are limited number of small scale farmers practice commercial vegetable productions Nepal. It is not enough to address the demand of consumer. In this way current condition of vegetable market in Nepal depends on import from India.

The farmers of vegetables in Nepal have slowly adopted the use of high technology in agricultural practices like fruit orchards, cattle, fishery, floriculture, poultry, goat farming and commercial vegetable production. The main individuals involved in these agricultural practices are large business and young entrepreneurs Nepal. This is clear evidence that agriculture in Nepal is taking a shift towards being commercial. Commercial agriculture refers to the process of using advanced technology in order to cultivate then earn some income through it.

Definition of vegetables in Nepal

Vegetables are plant parts that are eaten by human beings as food or as part of the entire dish. The initial meaning of term was used to refer to all edible plant parts such as the leaves, seeds, flowers, roots and fruits. In the present day the term vegetable is however used to refer to fruits from tomatoes, seeds and courgettes but exclude some parts of the plants like fruits , cereal grain and nuts.Scope, status and importance of commercial vegetable production in Nepal

Seasonal vegetables in Nepal

Verity of seasonal vegetables produce by the local farmers without using modern technology for their own farm for own consumption or sell. Farmers can sell it on market but cannot get good price because so many people have same products at the same time. The main types of vegetables in Nepal that are cultivated during the season are cabbages all year round.

Cauliflowers between January to march, tomatoes all year round, radish from January to march, brinjal all year round, summer squash in march running all the way to may, cucumber from April to November, carrots from January to march and Swiss chard all year round. If you wants to take the advantage from the vegetable production then change the production policy.

Off season vegetable farming in Nepal

Off season vegetable farming refers to the cultivation of vegetables prior or after their usual cultivation season has passed. There are two main climatic conditions that are incorporated in this type of cultivation. Namely the creation of a controlled environment for planting and the planting period adjustment. The environment can be regulated by the use of polythene houses, glass houses that are permanent or by the use of plastic tunnels.

The main pros associated with off season type of farming is that there is constant supply of fresh vegetable all year round. When the products are cultivated during the off season the farmer is able to catch a more decent price. The producer individuals can be provided with constant employment throughout the year. If the produce is much farmers have the chance to even export some of them hence earning foreign currency in commercial sale.

What is the condition of vegetable market in Nepal

Kalimati fruits & vegetable market is a leading marketplace for vegetables and fruits in Nepal. There are many other small vegetable market active to sell the vegetable product in Nepal. Locals are on learning phage for vegetable production and market management in Nepal. Now a day’s many youth get involve in commercial vegetable production in Nepal to improve the economic condition of family.

The agricultural practices in Nepal in the sector of commercial vegetable production has greatly changed over time in terms of the systems used in production, machinery used, cultivars and the technology used. I think after reading this article you gain the knowledge about scope, status and importance of commercial vegetable production in Nepal. If you have any more question and confusion about the condition of vegetable market in Nepal consult Kalimati fruits & vegetable market development board.

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Vegetable production and market management in Nepal