Readymade garment factories in Nepal produce fashion garments in Nepal

Nepal garment business in Nepal with the list of garment industry in Nepal

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Readymade garment factories in Nepal produce fashion garments in Nepal

All about best garments factory in Nepal
There is no doubt that all garment industry in Nepal manufacture high quality garments in Nepal to sell abroad. Garment Association Nepal is the umbrella foundation of all garment factories in Nepal. Garment industry includes the life cycle of producing garments and clothes. It’s the main contributor to the economies of most countries in the world.
The garment industry in Nepal has been booming over the past few years. The sector of ready made garments is growing to be one of the largest economies all over the world, as it has many employment opportunities in multinational communities. The garment in Nepal is a major contributor to the country exports, especially in Asia.

History of the garment industry in Nepal

The history of the garment in Nepal developed over a thousand years ago, people in Nepal started the textile and garment factory long time ago and it developed a lot. They enhanced sophisticated weaving techniques on several kinds of looms using raw materials. As a result, the production of many kinds of crafts increased with variable designs and patterns.
Nepal experienced a history of industrial revolution, first they used to make textiles by hand at their homes, and there were very early textile fragments 600 years AD. In the fourth century, people started to travel to China and they developed their quality wool blankets and garments. In the nineteenth century, the industrial revolution brought huge changes to textile and garment production. Large factories were established and went for mass production of goods. Nowadays Nepal is considered to be one of the main garment exporters in the world.

List of garment industry in Nepal

01: Clothing in Nepal
Top list of garment and apparel manufacturers in Nepal include clothing in Nepal, they are based in Kathmandu Nepal and they are leaders in fashion design and clothing, development and apparel supplies. They are constantly making the design of apparel in tune with the current fashion trends in Nepal and worldwide.
02: Logo Fashion Factory
This offers a wide range of apparel, garments, men and women wear, also children’s wear and special dresses for ladies, those pieces are quality tested to lessen any problems and provide most quality garments in Nepal.
03: Lumbini Fashion Industry
04: Creative Touch Garment Industry
05: Trance Trip Garment
06: Kathmandu Clothing
07: Nepal Garments
08: Nepal Choice Fashion Garments Udyog
09: Sony Handicrafts and Garments
In the middle of unlimited scope of garment industry in Nepal, It is Nepalese handmade clothing factory based in Kathmandu Nepal.
10: Nepali Clothing Store
11: Garment Association of Nepal (umbrella foundation of all garments of Nepal)

Listed garments in Nepal are manufactures and export fashion clothing and textiles from Nepal. The garment industry is widely spreading and developing in Nepal, that many worldwide brands manufacture their clothes in Nepal.

Problems and possibilities of the garment industry in Nepal
One of the main problems of industry in Nepal is that it is totally landlocked and has a poor agricultural culture for producing the basic raw materials. The importance of the garment industry is that it is a crucial source of foreign exchange and foreign trade. This resulted in a reduction of trade deficit, as the government promoted the garment exports and now it is a really very promising industry.

I think now you gain some ideas about garment factories in Nepal Kathmandu. There are many manufacturer, exporter, wholesaler and retailer of readymade garment in Nepal. They produce ethnic dress as well as the traditional garment in Nepal like daura suruwal, dhaka topi, chaubandi cholo etc. if you need even more information on it contact garment suppliers in Nepal or garment manufacturing companies in Nepal.

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