Process: How to take the construction completion certificate in Nepal

Step by step building approval & registration process building construction rules in Nepal

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Process: How to take the construction completion certificate in Nepal

Municipal building permit process for naksha pass in Nepal
The devastating earthquake of 2015 taught the government and the people of Nepal a much-needed lesson. They learned how unplanned construction could cause so much loss of life. This made the government also to wake up and take up necessary action. Most of the buildings that were constructed earlier failed to meet the building code but had managed to survive for so long. The earthquake put the fear in the people’s mind about the towering skyscrapers near their houses. When they expressed the fear the Kathmandu Metropolitan City took action.

The KMC informed that buildings without the construction completion certificate could not be transferred. They also informed banks not to extend a loan to buildings without construction completion certificate in Nepal. They also instructed the insurance companies not to insure such buildings.

Process to get construction completion certificate in Nepal

Building construction rules in Nepal demand that every building must be constructed in compliance with the building code. Once the building is complete the municipal authorities will inspect the building. They will check whether the building has been constructed as per the building code and did not violate any municipal laws. If satisfied they will issue the construction completion certificate.

If the buildings have not met the conditions of the building code, the builder or the owner must rectify the building and request for another inspection. If the correction is not done, the authorities have the right to demolish the building or the parts that violate the rule.

The construction completion certificate is necessary if you want to sell your building to someone else. It is also necessary if you want to use the building as collateral for a loan.

How to obtain the construction completion certificate?
Let us see how to take the construction completion certificate in Nepal. This is issued by the KMC. There are certain documents that you should submit to get the certificate. You need to certainly submit the inspection certificate issued by the municipality. A copy of your citizenship certificate along with a xerox copy of the Land Ownership Certificate and Blueprint of the plan.

All the receipts of tax, penalties or fines paid to the Kathmandu Metropolitan have to be submitted. You should also submit a sketch of the building as approved by the technician. When you submit the application, you should submit photographs of the house taken to show all the four corners of the house must also be submitted, along with two passport size photos of the person concerned.

You should get your construction completion certificate and adhere to the laws of the land. After reading this post you are clear about process to get the construction completion certificate in Nepal. If you need even more information about construction completion certificate in Nepal consult the Metropolitan city office.

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