Price of sanitary ware in Nepal to buy best sanitary item in Nepal

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Price of sanitary ware in Nepal to buy best sanitary item in Nepal

There are verity of sanitary ware available in Nepal. Most of the new constructed houses are using the best sanitary item in Nepal. Sanitary ware is considered to be a part of ceramic ware. The ceramic based ones are durable and cost effective. They are designed to withstand capacity of over 400 kg loads at a time and also offer greater resistance towards chemical attacks. Quality sanitaryware items can be cleaned easily and effortlessly due to its glossy surface property.

It is rather defined as vitrenous china body that is fired over 1200 degree Celsius to derive the necessary sanitary model to be used for industrial and domestic purpose. One can purchase Sanitary Item in Nepal of the leading brands to decorate their bathroom.
What is all about?
Made from ceramic ware, it is commonly used in bathrooms. Few of the products found are:
Some accessories are
#Toilet paper holder
#Towel rod
#Ash trays
#Soap trays/holder

Few essential properties necessary for the sanitary-ware body are:
#Proper glossy surface to offer easy cleaning
#Withstand at least 400kg load
#Water absorption is to be below 0.5%

Sanitary ware in Nepal
It is made from three major components like:
*Feldspar: All raw materials are thoroughly mixed in correct position and then cast & fired to derive the final product.
#China Clay
#Ball Clay

They can also be found in various attractive colors according to preference and likes. Having excellent scratch resistance property, they also are able to bear heavy load. These products come in numerous interesting shapes, designs and sizes. Sanitary ware dealers in Nepal offers special discount on price of sanitary ware in Nepal.

Its history
During ancient times, toilets, bathrooms and hygiene were strictly observed. The ancient Egyptians had toilets and bathrooms manufactured from wooden or limestone stools having a hole in it. The Minoan and Indus Valley Civilization also had constructed network of sewers for the purpose of waste disposal.

The flushing toilet was introduced by Sir John Harrington in 1596, where a cistern was used. However, the flushing toilet was patented by Alexander Cumming in the 17th century, but utilized only in the 18th century, as porcelain and ceramic manufacturers produced bedpans. They were decorated beautifully and came with several flushing techniques. Initially, they had boxed bowels, but later it improved to pedestal bowl in 1884 to store water.

According to reports, the demand for sanitaryware in Nepal has increased in the last couple of decades. There are several sanitary ware suppliers in the market. Doing some research and comparing the different brands can help the shopper to buy best sanitary item in Nepal. Compare price an reviews of bath & toilet appliances Nepal online to buy best bathroom accessories in Nepal.