Price of POS system in Nepal to buy card swipe machine in Nepal

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Price of POS system in Nepal to buy card swipe machine in Nepal

A card swipe machine is a common device seen everywhere in the world. These weren’t very popular a decade ago. But today these are seen in almost all the commercial establishments. Now card swipe machine in Nepal going popular which make credit or debit card payments easy for customers.
These card swipe machines are so advanced now that the whole transaction is over in a couple of minutes. In most cases, a PIN number has to be entered into the card swipe machine to authorize the payment. But the credit card machines weren’t so advanced in the beginning.

History Of Card Swipe Machine
The first card swipe machines were manual. There was a machine which took the imprint of your credit card. The sale values were manually entered, and the signature of the customer taken on the receipt. The receipts were then sent to the merchant bank which sold the card for getting the payment. The earliest card swipe machine in Nepal belonged to this type.
It was in 1979 that Visa introduced the POS or Point Of Sale terminal where the card could be swiped in the machines which read the magnetic strip for details of the cardholder. The sales values were typed on the card swipe machines. The customers would then type the PIN number given to them by the bank when they buy the credit cards. These authorized the sales. This is the type of POS machines that are being used most in the shops. Trending the use of card swipe machine in Nepal also.

List of pos machine price in Nepal

01: Xlab Pos machine price in Nepal start from RS 15500

More than 14000 pos systems in use in Nepal in hotel, restaurant, travel and many other business firms. different brands of card swipe pos machine available in Kathmandu to buy online or corporal store.

Types Of POS Machines
From the simple card swipe machines POS systems have developed into more value-added systems where the business establishment can do a lot of operations other than reading the card. There are various types of POS systems in the market.

The Counter top POS is still the most popular system which is usually kept at the cash counter and used for swiping the credit or debit cards of the customer. These machines read the details of the card from the magnetic strips. The most POS system in Nepal belongs to this type.
Other than these there are the retail POS which is the more sophisticated system used in bigger supermarkets and the mobile POS which can be attached to the smart phone.

Tips To Select The POS System to buy in Nepal
The POS system helps to automate your accounts. There are many systems available in Nepal. When you buy a swipe machine in Nepal you should buy the one that is easy to operate and suits your business volume.
I think after reading this article you are able to select the best card swipe machine in Nepal to buy POS system in Nepal. If you wants to know more about this electronic cash register price in Nepal for diverse business or restaurants consult local sellers of pos system in Nepal.

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