Price list of latest MacBook in Nepal to buy Apple laptops in Nepal

All Apple Mac Book in Nepal online MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro in Nepal

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Price list of latest MacBook in Nepal to buy Apple laptops in Nepal

All about New MacBook Laptops in Nepal
Actually, Apple MacBook in Nepal is a luxury device for average income people. They cannot purchase it because mack books are 5 times expensive than other laptops. Average uses purchase the laptops of dell, hp, Lenovo, Acer, Asus brands for personal or office use in Nepal.

Those who have good income, working as a professional they love to play with Apple laptops in Nepal. Apple Mac books Air and Mac book pro provides really very good experience. With this article I am going to share the price of apple macbook in Nepal as well the place to buy Apple MacBook in Nepal.
List of available apple laptops in Nepal
There are three types of Apple laptops in Nepal popular between users. It is better to buy MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro in Nepal from online shopping site to get best deal with discount then physical store in Kathmandu.

01: MacBook
The MacBook was invented in 2015 and modified in 2017. It is a very reliable and sturdy laptop that is ranked lowest in the apple laptop range. It is a bit expensive. The MacBook in Nepal is available in a variety of colors such as Rose Gold, Silver, Gold and Space Grey. The main models in this category are 1.2GHz dual-core Intel Core m3, 1.3GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 and 1.4GHz dual-core Intel Core i7.
The laptops are available with a memory capacity of 16 or 8GB and the SSD hard drive capacity of 512 or 256 GB to store your documents and files. The MacBook has only a single USB-C port that can be used to transfer data. The laptop has a high processing speed which makes it efficient and the battery can last up to ten hours.

02: MacBook Air
This is a light weight and slim apple laptop which makes it best suited for individuals who frequently use it like students. The laptop is one of the best in the apple range of computers. The price of the MacBook air is a bit cheaper as compared to the MacBook.
The laptop has a thirteen inch screen with two core models consisting of 8GB RAM to select from. This apple laptop is found in one colour which is silver. The processing speed in the laptop can be enhanced by upgrading to a core processor of 2.2GHz and a RAM of 512 GB at an extra fee.

03: MacBook Pro
This apple laptop is ideal for individuals who require high graphic specs like designers, video producers, gamers and developers. It is most expensive than other mack laptops in Nepal. The MacBook Pro in Nepal comes in three core processors to select from. They are available in two options namely silver and space grey. Check the apple laptop price in Nepal below.

Price list of Apple MacBook in Nepal
01: Macbook price in Nepal start from Rs 155000
02: Macbook air price in Nepal start from Rs 123500
03: Macbook pro price in Nepal start from Rs 325000

All about Apple laptops in Nepal
The apple laptops first appeared in the market in 2006 and by the year 2016 all the apple laptops referred to as MacBook’s were using SSDs (Solid State Drives). The initial model of the Apple laptops in Nepal used Intel CPUs, screens that were huge in size and the fastest processors by Pro Line.

By 2015 the Apple MacBook in Nepal were using new models that incorporated Force Touch track pad that is responsible for sensing the varied levels of pressure, high resolution screens and Apple Retina Display. The Touch Bar extension in the user interface was introduced in the laptops in 2016.

Try to make sure that you select the perfect Apple MacBook in Nepal as per your requirements. Compare user feedback, features, ram, disk capacity and cost of MacBook in Nepal online to purchase the best one. I think now you are clear about available Apple MacBook in Nepal market. If you need even more detail of Apple laptops in Nepal, gather information online or contact online supplier of MacBook pro in Nepal.

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