Present status of top 10 multinational companies working in Nepal

Foreign direct investment trend & jobs in multinational companies in Nepal

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Present status of top 10 multinational companies working in Nepal

There are many multinational companies working in Nepal this article dedicated to introduce the top 10 multinational companies in Nepal. where you get the knowledge about Foreign direct investment trend in Nepal as well as tips to find the jobs in multinational companies in Nepal.
What is multinational company ?
A multinational company is explain as an organization that conducts its business operations in a different countries of the world. Multinational business operations such as marketing and manufacturing are spread out to a variety of subsidiaries and branches using a network. These branches and subsidiary are referred to as foreign affiliates. The business operations are conducted in an array of countries but the headquarters of overall management are in the country of origin.
Multinational companies are differentiated by features such as centralized management, operations that are worldwide, huge in size, international market, the use of advanced technology, high brand equity and professional management in all location. You need to know about the network of popular multinational companies established in Nepal.

List of top 10 multinational companies working in Nepal

01: Unilever Nepal
Unilever is one of the major multinational companies in Nepal producing a variety of products that are distributed in their many subsidiaries and branches. The network expands on daily basis and so does their market. In Nepal the company is majorly involved in importing products internationally or producing then nationally. Their products include butter jams, soups, salt, foods, flour, beverages, tea, milk, coffee, smoked sausages, magnum, Sun silk shampoo and persil, Rexona. Their products are in more than fifty countries such as India, USA, Brazil, UK and Germany.

02: Dabur Nepal
The brand name is popular and so are their products. The most popular products of the company is Ayurvedic medicine which is regarded as very important and effective. The brands healthcare sector has manufactured more than two hundred and sixty products that treat a wide variety of medical issues. The company is involved in Home care, Personal care, Foods, Health and digestive sectors

03: Nepal Battery (Union Carbide)
The company is majorly involved in the manufacture of chemicals. Their main operations include the supply of these chemicals to businesses that need them. The company has been able to successfully install chemicals in batteries. The employees of the company across the branches exceed 2400. Their other products include paints, cables, wires, coatings, oil, agriculture, gas, household and personal products.

04: Coca-Cola
This beverage company has been globally recognized as the largest in the industry. Their beverages can be easily found in any nation throughout the globe which can be owed to their establishment of strong roots and supplying chains. They have further widened their market range through the manufacture of diverse tastes and packaging in assorted sizes. The servers of this company are operational in almost every single nation worldwide.

05: Jenson& Nicholson paint
This is one of the popular multinational company situated in Nepal. mainly produce and sell interior paints and emulsions, exterior paints and emulsions & wood paints since 1922.
06: Crown Plaza
Crowne Plaza is a multinational chain of hospitality company, headquarter located in the UK. it has many hotels, resorts chain worldwide. It is one of the multinational company working in Nepal.

07: Pepsi
The company is popular and a choice for many individuals who love beverages. It produce carbonated soft drinks and non-carbonated beverages in Nepal. many people come to search the jobs in multinational companies in Nepal.
08: Tuborg beer
Tuborg beer is anther multinational companies in Nepal. It produce beer in Nepal with the collaboration of Danish brewing company Tuborg founded in 1873.

09: Wai Wai
Wai Wai noodles is a international brand of instant noodles produced in Nepal by the Chaudhary Group. It is one of the most popular top multinational companies in Nepal.
10: L.G
LG is another multinational companies working in Nepal. it is run by the Chaudhary Group. they produce and sell verity of durable electronic appliances in Nepalese market. LG international headquarter located in Seoul, Korea.

There are many others major multinational companies located in Nepal. Here we make the list of best multinational companies working in Nepal. I think given article helps you to know bit about Top 10 multinational companies working in Nepal. If you need more information about it consult the company directly which you wants to know more about.