Popular Nepali folk music with traditional musical instruments Nepal

Name list of traditional musical instruments of Nepal with picture & importance

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Popular Nepali folk music with traditional musical instruments Nepal

Information about folk musical instruments Nepal
Music when played instrumentally creates the most heart touching effect onto ears. It makes the music much more melodious. Like other countries of Asia people in Nepal play Nepali musical instruments. These traditional Nepali musical instruments are played in festivals and ceremonies as per the environment. Some of the traditional and folk musical instrument of Nepal will be discussed here in this article. Folk Nepali musical instruments names list with information make you clear about ancient musical instrument of Nepal.

List of top 10 traditional musical instruments Nepal

01: Madal
Madal is very much common musical instrument played almost throughout the Nepal. This instrument is made of hollowed wooden covered by the some skin on both side. Mostly madal is played with both the hands.
02: Sarangi
Sarangi is made of khirro wood and it creates sounds when rubbed a bow on its wires.
03: Bansuri
Bansuri is one of the oldest musical instrument in Asian countries and Nepal as well. It is made of thin bamboo. Bansuri is basically played by blowing the air via lips onto one ends and some of the fingers placed on the holes made throughout the instrument.

04: Nagara
It is a kind of kettledrum, made of copper and covered by the skin. Generally it is played like any drum with the help of some sticks.
05: Narsinga
Narsinga is another musical instrument played widely in Nepal. This instrument is made of copper and sounds like a horn. It is played by blowing.

06: Shahnai
Like madal, shahnai is also very popular in Nepal and is played mostly in marriage ceremonies. Shanai is made of metal one with thin and other with an open end. It creates sound when the thin side is placed between the lips and blowing is started.
07: Tyamko
Tyamko is actually the small version of nagara and is played with the help of two sticks one from one side and other from the other side.

08: Jhurma
Jhurma is actually made of two metal pieces. It creates sound when one piece is hit with another one.
09: Murchunga
Murchunga in very popular traditional musical instruments in villages area of Nepal.
10: Dholak
Dholak is another most popular musical instruments of Nepal very popular in plain area or terai region of Nepal.

Importance of traditional musical instruments Nepal

These instruments are the device to save the cultural and folk songs of Nepal and show the image if traditional music. Besides the above famous traditional and folk instruments in Nepal, there are also some local musical instruments played in Nepal. Most famous of those local musical instruments are Shankha, Khainjadi, Urni, Pung, Hudko, Pungi (also called bin), Tungna, Yalambar, Ektare and Dhynagro. These instruments are actually played in local areas and are restricted to specific areas. Most of them are played in marriages, religious functions and other local festivals.
I think after reading this post you are clear about the traditional musical instruments Nepal. There are few institute and instructors to teach how to play these traditional musical instrument in Nepal. If you need even more information about local musical instrument in Nepal visit the Nepali folk musical instrument museum in Kathmandu.Music Museum of Nepal. Some festival of Nepal celebrates playing  with these folk musical instrument of Nepal.

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