Popular Mobiles in Nepal list top 10 best selling Smartphone in Nepal

Price list of most popular latest mobile phones in Nepal

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Popular Mobiles in Nepal list top 10 best selling Smartphone in Nepal

Almost everyone has a smartphone today. Most of them select and buy the best selling Smartphone In Nepal for personal use or offer as a gift. With the availability of a wide variety of smartphones at very affordable prices, it has become easy for everyone to own one. Smartphone helps people in many ways in their daily life. It is no more a luxury. It has become a necessity as it combines all forms of communication and computing.

What Is A Smartphone

As the smartphone is a hand-held computers. It has an operating system android IOS etc. It also has most of the programs that your computer has. Today you can do everything on a smartphone that you could do only on a computer. Most mobiles in Nepal also belong to the Smartphone type.
It is a device with high-speed internet connectivity either through wi-fi or mobile broadband connection. With all the operators providing internet connectivity at affordable prices, it is the smartphone which everyone now uses to browse. It is also a communication device where you can talk, text, video chat and e-mail.
It also has enough programs to help you with your daily life like finding directions, making calculations, hearing music, marketing etc. You can check the time and set alarms and reminders on the smartphone. Most of the programs come pre-loaded on your smartphone.
You can also download applications for various other activities including playing games, from the online stores. There are many applications that will be helpful for people in different professions.

Top Smartphones In Nepal

The smartphone has since transformed into a very versatile machine. Smartphone in Nepal is today the most modern type. The top 10 best selling smart phones in Nepal would belong to the major international brands like Xiaomi, Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Huawei etc. The wide variety of models and affordable prices make them the most preferred phones in Nepal. Let’s check the best seller top smart phones in Nepal.

List of top 10 best selling smartphone in Nepal

01: Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus
02: Apple iPhone X
03: Huawei P20
04: Samsung Galaxy Note 8
05: Huawei Mate 10 Pro
06: Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus
07: Apple iPhone 8 Plus
08: Apple iPhone 7 Plus
09: One Plus 5T
10: Sony XZ Premium

History of Smartphone
The first smartphone was the Ericsson R 380 in 2000, which used a Symbian OS. This device had a touchscreen that could be operated using a stylus. There was PDA functionality along with limited web browsing. The Kyocera 6035 was launched in 2001 which combined PDA capability with web browsing using the phone hardware as a modem. Handspring’s Treo 180 launched in 2002 was the true smartphone in a GSM platform which had both voice and texting capabilities along with web browsing.

The best way to choose your phone from the top 10 best selling mobiles in Nepal is to first decide what you will be using the phone for. Each person uses the phone for different purposes like listening to music, taking photographs, playing games etc. The quality of software and hardware for these features differ in different phones.
I think given article about popular mobile phone helps you to select the best from the best from top 10 best selling Smartphone in Nepal. If you need more information, specification and features of these phone follow the link.