Photocopy machine price in Nepal to buy best photocopy machine Nepal

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Photocopy machine price in Nepal to buy best photocopy machine Nepal

Almost all offices have a photocopy machine in Nepal. While many companies are moving towards a paperless office, paper documents are still widely used in offices. Certain documents have to be still maintained as physical copies. With a necessity for circulating the same document to many people, the photocopying machine is an indispensable equipment in an office. Photocopy machine in Nepal is an essential device have to have in each office.
A photocopying machine uses the xerography method to copy the contents of a document to another paper. It uses electrostatic charges on a light-sensitive receptor to copy the image. Then the image is transferred to another paper in the form of toner particles. This is later fixed on the paper using pressure and heat.

History of photocopier machine
The photocopy machine in Nepal had its origins as the stencil duplicator. The stencil duplicator uses matter typed on a stencil paper on a duplicating machine to make many copies of the same matter. However, the copying was limited to only letters. Images could not be copied using this method.
In the 1959 Xerox introduced the photocopy machine using the xerographic method. This has replaced all other forms of copying. The photocopying machine has become a universal feature in all offices. The photocopying machine has made several advances in the near future. while only black and white copies were possible earlier, now color copies of color prints can also be made.

Price list of available photocopy machine in Nepal

01: wireless brother photocopy machine price in Nepal start from Rs 32000
02: A3 photocopy machine price in Nepal start from Rs 170000
03: Canon Photocopy Machine price in Nepal start from Rs 37500
04: Samsung photocopy machines price in Nepal start from Rs 35000
05: Multi-Function photocopy machines price in Nepal start from Rs 28500
06: Xerox photocopy machine price in Nepal start from Rs

The photocopying machines have transformed themselves from simple copying machines to machines capable of many activities like copying, printing, facsimile and scanning. The capacity of the machines has also improved to copy many papers in one go within a short time. Machines have also become smart to copy both sides of the paper without the paper having to be removed from the machine.

Modern machines can also staple or bind your papers into books after copying multiple pages. The major advantages over other copiers are the lower cost, usage of ordinary paper for copying and copying of multiple pages.
There are different types of copiers based on the complexity of the jobs it can perform. You have the simple one-color copier to highly complex copiers with multiple functions.

Photocopy Machines in Nepal
Best photocopy machine in Nepal can be purchased either at showrooms or online. The most famous brands that are available are Canon, Samsung and Brother. All the types of photocopying machines are available from the simple machines to machines that can print, copy, scan and fax. Photocopy machine price in Nepal depends on the model and make of the machine.

It is better to buy multi function photocopy machine in Nepal for small business and offices. If you are searching for commercial use like photocopy shop then buy best photocopy machine in Nepal with quick copier and durable. I think now you can select the best all in one photocopy machine in Nepal to buy online in best price.