Patanjali products store Kathmandu to buy Patanjali products in Nepal

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Patanjali products store Kathmandu to buy Patanjali products in Nepal

Where to buy Patanjali products in Nepal ?
Even though Patanjali Ayurveda was established way back in 1997 by the famous Baba Ramdev, its products came to gain popularity just in the last few years. Patanjali products in Nepal are very popular now and almost every household uses them.Patanjali products store Kathmandu to buy Patanjali products in Nepal
Patanjali products in Nepal has a very strong consumer loyalty, and despite the fact that some of the Baba Ramdev products have been banned by authorities, most people who have been using it won’t listen to any allegations, and they continue to buy and use them. Furthermore, Patanjali products have helped introduce Ayurveda now to the mainstream.
Patanjali products come with a lot of health benefits, and there are so many reasons why consumers love these products. Let’s take a look at some of the main benefits of Patanjali products and branch, factory, dealership information.

Patanjali products and its health benefits review

#They keep you healthy
Patanjali products are great at ensuring a healthy body and leaving. All Patanjali products are Ayurvedic or herbal, and therefore, they bring natural benefits without causing any side effects. For instance, Patanjali shampoo uses natural herbs such as Amla, Shikakai, Reetha, etc, which are well known for their unmatched hair care properties. This makes these products healthier options compared to other similar products available in the stores.
#Highly nutritious
The food products are not only made using organic products, but they also do not use any preservatives. So, they have the nutrients the body needs.
#They make everyone eats
Yes, you heard it right. Patanjali products in Nepal, especially food staffs, make everyone in the family eat. Compared to many other similar products, Patanjali food products are a tasty alternative to most healthy, but tasteless food products.

Reasons why people love Patanjali products in Nepal

There are so many reasons why people love to buy Patanjali products not only Nepal different parts of the world.
#They are affordable
Patanjali products are more affordable as compared to other similar products of other brands. You can always buy yours at any Patanjali store in Kathmandu if you want to try them, or if you have been using them.

#They are eco-friendly
All Patanjali products in Nepal are manufactured in using an eco-friendly method.
Another reason why these products are popular is that they are readily available. They are available in online, at local grocery stores and at the supermarkets. You can always find and see a Patanjali store in Kathmandu Nepal.
There are many branch, factory, dealership, stores, supermarkets and online websites to buy Patanjali products price in Nepal. If anyone interested to sell those products consult nearest branch or dealer.

10 banned Patanjali products in Nepal

Government of Nepal ban total 10 Patanjali products in Nepal. These products cannot meet the criteria of standard on test done by the department of drug administration Nepal.
01: Bilwadi Churna
02: Avipattikar Churna
03: Ajmodadi Churna
04: Sitopaladi Churna
05: Amla Churna
05: Divya Gashar Churna
07: Bakuchi Churna
08: Triphala Churna
09: Aswagandha Churna
10: Adiva Chuna
Few months ago, Nepal’s Department of Drug Administration asked Patanjali Ayurveda to recall about six medical products immediately because the tests showed that they do not meet the standard quality. In Response, Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali Ayurveda assured the public that they will immediately withdraw the products and then deploy a qualified team to investigate the matter, and to monitor and assure quality of their future products. I think this information help you to know where to buy Patanjali products in Nepal. we will update the list of Patanjali products stores in Nepal soon.
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