Overview of tandem skydiving in Nepal with Everest skydiving Nepal

Price of Skydiving in Pokhara or Everest sky diving Nepal flying from Mt Everest

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Overview of tandem skydiving in Nepal with Everest skydiving Nepal

All about Himalayan skydiving in Nepal
Right now I’m planning to share information about tandem skydiving in Nepal with cost detail. Everest skydiving is an enthralling adventure sport. Sky Diving in Nepal is emerging as an extremely popular adventure sport as the adventure seekers can enjoy it with a breathtaking 360-degree view of the Himalayas. Skydiving in Nepal is most popular in the Everest region and in Pokhara.

Sky Diving in Everest Region
The skydiving in the Everest region takes place approximately at an altitude of 23,000 ft. which is just below the Mount Everest. The tourists get an absolute thrill ride skydiving with the backdrop of the Mount Everest. It gives the enthralling experience of free fall to the tourists as they visualize some of the tallest mountain peaks in the world during the dive.

The skydiving in the Everest area of Nepal is done through a helicopter or small aircraft. The skydiving can be done either solo or in tandem skydiving in Nepal. The entire adventure is conducted in the supervision of professionals to ensure safety of the tourists. Due to the high-altitude jump, thermal survival suits and oxygen is also part of the equipment while skydiving.

The tourist who wish to go for tandem skydiving, are given a thorough briefing by their instructors before the jump. The price of the skydiving adventure in the Everest region of Nepal starts from approximately $22,000 and goes up to $30,000. This does include accommodation in Kathmandu, all meals, permit fee, porter fee and other related expenses.

Sky Diving in Pokhara
The Pokhara skydive takes place in the backdrop of the Annapurna mountain range. The jump usually takes place from a AS 350 B2/B3 helicopter. The divers can see the majestic Himalayas and the Pokhara valley as they skydive. The jumpers can either go for solo or tandem jumps. The equipment used is similar to the Mount Everest skydiving, but the thermal survival suits and the oxygen is not needed due to comparatively lower altitude. The Pokhara skydiving packages start from $3000 and can go up depending on the services being offered under the package.

Skydiving in Nepal is emerging as an extremely popular adventure sport. The sport provides unmatched experience to the skydivers due to the pristine views of the Himalayas and the natural beauty of Nepal. The tourists can decide to skydive either in the Everest region of Nepal or in Pokhara. This is meant for the adventure seekers and it should not be missed as it will surely be an experience of a lifetime.

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