Online registration manual how to get embossed number plate in Nepal

How to apply online new embossed number plate system in Nepal with price

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Online registration manual how to get embossed number plate in Nepal

All about embossed number plate Nepal registration process
The government of Nepal has introduced a system of issuing embossed number plates for all vehicles, starting initially with the government and public vehicles. While it may be a temporary trouble for many vehicle owners, the system will have long-term benefits.

What is embossed number plate
The new system of digital number plating will help in controlling crimes related to vehicles. This will certainly help in reducing vehicle thefts. The embossed number plates are not yet compulsory for all vehicles. But over the next five years, the government is planning to issue this number plate of all vehicles and making it compulsory for both private and public vehicles.
The dimensions of the number plate and design have been fixed. The sizes will vary for each type of vehicle. There will also be different types of plates for vehicles owned by different agencies or persons. There will be a total of five types of plates which will help differentiate between government, public and private vehicles.

How to get an embossed number plate?

When we see how to get embossed number plate in Nepal, the first thing to do is to get an application form online and fill the same. Here you should give your vehicle details and the registration number. The system will issue a bar code. You should then take a print out of this barcode.

Embossed number plate price
The fee for each type of vehicle varies. One thing to mention here is that the fee is very reasonable and affordable for everyone. The free ranges from 2,500 NPR for two-wheelers to 3,600 NPR for heavy vehicles.

You have to remit this fee at the Rastriya Banijya Bank and get the voucher from them. You have to submit the printed barcode along with the bank voucher at the Bagmati Transport Management Office “BTMO” office at Ekantakuna, Lalitpur.

The BTMO will first send you an SMS informing the acceptance of the application for the embossed number plate in Nepal. Once the number plate is ready you will get another SMS informing you about it. Once you have received the SMS you have to go to the BTMO office to get the number plate affixed.

If in some way your embossed number plate gets damaged, you have to start the whole process again. The method of embossed number plates is being followed by most countries in the world. This is very useful in controlling vehicle-related crimes. It certainly is a useful reform that the Nepali government is bringing. After reading this post you are clear about the process to get embossed number plate in Nepal. If you need even more information contact Department of Transport Management Ekantakuna, Kathmandu, Nepal.

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