Online game store Nepal to buy products of best video games in Nepal

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Online game store Nepal to buy products of best video games in Nepal

All about gaming accessories online at cheap price in Nepal
Kids and youth become very happy when they catch the chance to play video games in Nepal. Some parents purchase game PlayStations in Nepal for their kids including different types video games set in Nepal. Many kids go to play the tv video games in Nepal at nearest game parlors in Kathmandu. There are verity of video games available in Nepal different gaming zone in Kathmandu.

Video game definition
Video games are games played by one or two persons using a user interface and a display device such as a TV screen or PC monitor or a smartphone screen. Video games were played earlier in video arcades using coins and big machines. But now home video games have become popular and are played using the PC or smartphones.
The games are usually played using an input device which is a game controller like a joystick, gamepads, mouse, keyboards or phone touchscreens. The game is viewed on a TV screen, computer monitor or a phone screen. There are sound effects in most of the modern games which add to the fun of gaming. Video games in Nepal are popular among people of all ages. Let’s check where to buy gaming consoles in Nepal and the video games price in Nepal. Enjoy best fun activities & games in Kathmandu Nepal.

Most popular video games in Nepal and their price

01: Ps3 price in Nepal start from Rs
02: Ps4 price in Nepal start from Rs 54500
03: Ps4 pro price in Nepal start from Rs 65000
04: Ps4 controller price in Nepal start from Rs 6500
05: wireless joystick price in Nepal start from Rs 2500

History of video games
The first known video game was played using a cathode ray tube in 1947. Players simulated the firing of a missile using a dot to target pictures fixed to the screen. There were many attempts at improvising the video game experience. In 1971 the first coin-operated video game The Computer space was commercially sold. The popularity of home video games started with the launch of Atari’s Pong. Many versions of Pong were subsequently made. But it was in the late 80s when Nintendo Entertainment Systems was launched, that the popularity of the home video games rose sharply.

Advantages and disadvantages of playing video games
While video games are fun for people of all ages they come with both advantages and disadvantages.
Advantages of playing video games include the development of the ability to do tasks very fast. It also aides in improving concentration. They are good means of motivation for children and youngsters. It is a good form of entertainment. It also develops confidence as you win the games.

First among the disadvantages is that even the best video games could be addictive. Some of the games promote aggression and violence. Playing this for too many hours prevents social activities. It can badly affect one’s performance in school and at work, if the use is not controlled.

Why kids love video games?
Kids in Nepal love to play video games because it is one of the best forms of entertainment that kids can play even without a playmate. It allows kids to vent their excess energy. It also helps them to feel a sense of achievement when they win each step in the game. Portable game consoles allow children to play the game anywhere and this keeps them from feeling bored wherever they are.

I think now you are clear about video games in Nepal. if you need even more information consult super game store in Nepal. You check the price of PlayStations in Nepal at the same time including all kinds of gaming gears Nepal.

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