Nepali dress Daura Suruwal price to buy Dhaka Daura Suruwal in Nepal

Best tailoring centers for Nepali traditional dress daura suruwal design for weeding

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Nepali dress Daura Suruwal price to buy Dhaka Daura Suruwal in Nepal

Popularity of Nepali traditional dress daura suruwal increasing in Nepal day by day. Many people search verity of impressive Nepali daurasuruwal design for wedding including Dhaka Daura Suruwal in Nepal. This article dedicated to make you clear about how to measure Nepali daura suruwal? Nepali daura suruwal price in Nepal, available designs, online shopping sites to buy online, stores and rastriya daura suruwal tailors in Nepal.

What is the national dress of Nepal

Daura Suruwal is the national dress & traditional outfit for Nepalese men. The dress is also worn by Derjeeling and Sikkim people of Nepalese origin. Gunyou is the equivalent female national costume of Nepal. Jang Bahadur Rana, the former prime minister of Nepal, added and popularized the coat in the 19th century, and he used to wear it in all is unofficial trips abroad.
Daura, which is a variant of Kurta, is the upper wear, while Suruwal is the trouser. Daura Suruwal Nepal is not just a dress, but it has many religious beliefs identifying its unique design, and this has remained so for several centuries. The Daura, which is the top, has eight strings indicated as Astamatrika-Singini as follows:Dhaka Daura Suruwal In Nepal
01: Mahalxmi
02: Byasnabi
03: Maheshowri
04: Indrayani
05: Brahmayani
06: Barahi
07: Kaumari
08: Chamunda

Nepal is a country with a variety of cultures, traditions, and religions. Nepalese traditional costumes also reflect the variety of Nepalese cultures. Daura Surwal and Dhaka Topi is the national dress for Nepali men. Guniyo Cholo is the national dress for women. There are many different castes and communities in Nepal.

Every community has its own style for traditional dress and food. Dresses also depend on religion and living area. The national dresses of men and women represent people of Mountain areas who are followers of Hindu religion. The Terai and Mountain people wear different type of dresses that are suitable for their climate.

The cost of Nepali dress daura suruwal 
The cost of Nepali dress daura suruwal depends on a number of factors. First, it depends on the quality of the material the outfit is made of. Quality materials cost more as compared to low quality materials. The more fin material you go for the more money you will be required to pay. For instance, Dhaka Daura Suruwal Nepal costs more because Dhanka is high quality cotton.
Secondly, it depends on the size. As expected, the bigger the size, the higher the prise because more material is used to make it. Thirdly, the cost of a Daura Suruwal Nepal depends on the kind of tailor making it for you. The tailoring cost is usually higher than the cost of the material.

Average cost of Nepali Poshak Daura Suruwal start from NPR: 2000

It’s important to note that you have to get your Daura Suruwals custom made. In other words, it has to be tailored to fit on your body.

Best tailoring centers for suitable Nepali dress daura suruwal design for weeding

There are many tailors for Nepali dress daura suruwal. For great designs for wedding, there are quite a number of popular tailors found in around Kathmandu, Nepal.
One of the most popular tailoring centers for Dhaka Daura Suruwal Nepal is the Bangemuda Tailoring Center, which is located Near Indra chock. Now days most of the tailoring centers in Kathmandu and other major city make for high quality Nepali dress daura suruwal for wedding and other occasions. It is better to consult nearest Tailors that make quality daura suruwal in Nepal.
I think this article help you to know about Nepali dress Daura Suruwal Nepal. its importance, and increasing popularity in between Nepalese society. Nepali national dress and Dhaka topi or bhadgaule topi illustrate really unique personality identification of Nepalese people.