Nepali customs and Nepali etiquette need to know before travel to Nepal

Cultural tips for Nepal to know about customs, traditions cultural behavior of Nepal

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Nepali customs and Nepali etiquette need to know before travel to Nepal

Before you travel to Nepal, it is good to learn about Nepali etiquette, Nepali customs, and cultural behavior of Nepal. Nepali customs and Nepali etiquette need to know before travel to Nepal It will make your stay in Nepal easier because you will be able to easily communicate with the locals.
So, you won’t hurt any person’s sentiments by doing something that is considered an improper action in the Nepali culture.
Nepal has an amazing blend of regional cultures and the indigenous ethic cultures. More than 80 percent Nepalese follow Hinduism as their religion.
10 percent population is Buddhist, but, Buddhism influences the people of entire nation. Remaining 10 percent population follows Islam, Christianity, and other religions in Nepal. They have their own social culture & etiquette, when you know all before traveling in Nepal helps a lot to treat the local.

Know about culture and identity of Nepal

Tourism is one of most important industries in Nepal that generates big revenue for the Nepal government. Although many Nepalese are tolerant to foreign etiquette because they deal with tourists on daily basis, still as a tourist you should be careful and act properly. Following are some of the Nepali customs and Nepali etiquette you need to know before travel to Nepal.

List out the important social customs of Nepal

01: Nepalese generally show interest in developing friendship with the foreigners. So, talk to them, be friendly, and learn about Nepali customs and Nepali etiquette while travelling in Nepal.
02: In Nepal, people don’t handshake when they greet the other person. However, most of the Nepalese know about this foreign etiquette of greeting. Still, don’t offer your hand to any member of the opposite sex for a handshake.
03: When friends and relatives meet, they hug each other or younger person touches elder person’s feet. So as a stranger or an acquaintance, when you meet a person, you should not physically touch them, particularly when meeting a person of the opposite sex in Nepal.
04: Try to be respectful of elders. You can add ‘Ji’ as a suffix to any person’s name for showing respect.

05: Take off your shoes or other footwear before entering a temple or any person’s residence.
06: For greeting people in Nepal, just join your palms together and say Namaste. For showing great respect, you can say Namaskar  / Namaste.
07: Public display of affection (Kissing and other acts) is considered offensive in some regions.
08: While sitting, never point the sole of your bare foot to any person.
09: Not finishing the food served on your plate is a bad manner in Nepal. So, always finish your meal.

10: When you eat your meal with hands, eat with the right hand only.
11: Keep in mind that whistling inside a house is inauspicious.
12: To point, Nepalese use chin rather than their fingers.
13: The gestures for Yes and No can be confusing for you. If you want to show agreement, slightly tilt your head to one side and then to the other side for Yes. Shake your head from side to side to say No.

14: Public displays of affection such as kissing may be considered offensive.
15: People spit and throw stuff everywhere, there is no active law against littering.
16: Most Nepalese eat their meal by hand mainly the traditional Nepali foods Dal Bhat and Tarkari
17: Traditional Nepalese marriage is a deal between the parents.
18: Taking photographs inside the most temples are considered illegal. Ask permission before taking photographs of objects and including Nepali people.

Given advice about cultural behavior helpful for all coming to work, travel and study in Nepal. List of important social customs of Nepal make you clear about social customs and traditions of Nepal in advance. If this brief about the importance of social tradition and customs is not enough or wants to know more search different site to gather information about Nepali customs and Nepali etiquette need to know before travel to Nepal.

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