Nepal village tourism information for ethnic village tour in Nepal

Experience village tours in Nepal to develop and promote village tourism in Nepal

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Nepal village tourism information for ethnic village tour in Nepal

All about Nepal village home stay rural tourism in Nepal
To tell you the truth travelers fell real love and care during the village tour in Nepal while staying with host family. Nepal is a country with a rich tradition and many ancient customs. There is a different culture to different regions of the country. Being a nation where the majority still indulge in ancient professions like farming, animal husbandry and fishing, many of the people still live in villages. The mountainous terrain also has kept many villages remote. This has helped them to maintain the ancient tradition and remain much untouched by the city lifestyle.

Importance of village tours in Nepal
The latest trend that is catching up with many tourists to Nepal is the Nepal village tour. Most tourists are moving away from the hotels in the city and try to stay in the villages. This gives them a change of atmosphere and more importantly, a taste of the real Nepal. The tourists get an authentic look at the village life in Nepal. People are willing to leave the beaten path and go and stay in the villages. Most of the villages also make arrangements for the tourists to stay at one of the houses. The homestay in Nepal trend is fast catching up.

List Nepal village tours destinations

01: Bandipur village tour                                  02: Ghale gaun village trek
03: Guerrilla trek                                                04: Chepang hill trek
05: Sherpa village trek                                      06: Sirubari village trail
07: Balthali village trek

Village tours to explore rural villages in Nepal
Different regions in Nepal have very different customs. They also have different practices. The visitors are able to study these different cultures and lifestyle. They are also able to involve themselves in the local jobs and see how the Nepalese earn their living. This gives a good insight into the life of one of the oldest cultures in the world.

Tips for village tourism development, promotion & management in Nepal
The tourists also participate in various activities like cooking, helping in daily work at farm. Nepal has a very different style of cooking and many dishes native to each region. Those interested in cooking can enjoy cooking with the locals. Agri tourism in Nepal is catching too. The visitors work the farm with the locals and understand a more organic way of farming in Nepal. People also come here to help the people by staying with them and understanding their problems. Many tourists come here to stay in the villages and learn about the local language and customs. Village tours in Nepal is getting more popular.

How Nepal Gains?
With more tourists arriving there is more revenue for the villages. This is the most sustainable way of developing. The villages too get developed along with the cities. Communities get to learn more about the outside world. Community Homestays Nepal provide a good way of earning for the villagers without having to leave their villages. They also don’t disturb the local culture or way of living. The village tour in Nepal is giving the nation a way to use an existing industry, tourism, to develop its villages.

I think now you are clear about village tourism definition including the tips and ways to promote village tourism in Nepal. Experience the unique village tours in Nepal, If you need even more detail Nepal village tour package consult village tour operators Nepal. Village tourism promotion forum Nepal is one of the organization that trying to promote village tourism in Nepal.

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