Nepal trekking trails information to go trekking in Nepal

Guided trekking in Nepal best time of the year - something you can’t miss!

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Nepal trekking trails information to go trekking in Nepal

Nepal is a land of overriding beauty and scenic landscapes to experience the best of trekking in Nepal. It offers many undiscovered natural treasures and mesmerizing experiences to the tourists. Most tourists visit Nepal to go for trekking and other adventure activities in Nepal. Mount Everest is the highest mountain peak in the world that is the dream of every trekker.

Nepal offers verity of adventure tours including trekking in Nepal. Himalayas trekking in Nepal ensures great rewards and personal satisfaction. Trekkers also have a wonderful chance to have insight into local culture, nature and people. The best destination for trekking in Nepal are the Himalayan foothills and the base camp of highest peaks of the world. Nepal trekking is one of the most joyful experiences which every adventure lover wants to achieve.

Great Himalayas is one of the most visited trekking destinations in Asia. It is surrounded by high mountains. Nepal Himalayas has the most beautiful landscape. Trekking is the most common activity in Nepal. it can be seen in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal and Pokhara which is known as the trekking hub of Nepal. Nepal offers numerous destinations for trekking. Some of the famous trekking spots are as follow:

Best areas to go for Nepal trekking tours

Everest trekking region                                            Annapurna trekking region
Langtang trekking region                                         Manaslu trekking region
Kanchenjunga trekking region                               Makalu trekking region
Rolwaling trekking region                                        Dolpo trekking region
Dhaulagiri trekking region                                       Restricted area trekking routes Nepal

Which is the most popular trekking in Nepal

Everest base camp trek is the most popular trail for trekking in Nepal.

Tea house facilely in each campsite make trekking trip easier and cheap to organize in the mountain areas of Nepal. No need to carry the tent in each camp while trekking in Nepal Himalayas. But trekkers need the physical ability, endurance and mental stability. Where traveler have to adjust with basic facility. Because trekking is usually done in remote areas far away from civilization, roads or railways. The most preferred tracking destinations are hilly or mountain areas in the lap of nature.

Before going for trekking in Nepal on should look after the following things:

# Trekking Nepal would be very difficult if you do not have the correct equipment. Buy or hire necessary trekking equipment’s for safety and comfort.

# Physical fitness is must if you go for a trekking in Nepal as you should be on foot for the whole day.

# Weather conditions affect Nepal trekking heavily. The weather pattern in Nepal differs from place to place. It has 5 major seasons. So, it is necessary to hear about the climate forecast before going for trekking in Nepal.

When is the best time to go trekking in Nepal

# The best time to go for trekking Nepal is the warm and dry seasons i.e., in the month of March-June or September-November. It is the most suitable time as it doesn’t rain heavy and the temperature is moderate.

# The overall cost of trekking Nepal for a week would be $500 – 1400 if you consider a local company. The price may vary from place to place as the permit charge is high in some areas mainly in restricted areas of Himalayas.

# Trekking in Nepal is not so difficult as the only thing you need to look after is your surroundings. Be aware of the stones and slippery surfaces. The most common difficulties are altitude sickness and physical stamina. Travel with enough rest and break with increasing altitude, drink plenty of fluids. Just in case if the problem persists then descend to a lower altitude.

I think given detail helps to know about Nepal trekking programs and destinations. Book Nepal trekking packages to enjoy the adventure holidays in the Himalayas in best time of the year. Perfect weather and temperature give you lifetime experience of trekking in Nepal. Base Camp Excursion organize Mount Everest base camp trekking in Nepal as well as many other trip. Book your Nepal trekking with us.

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