Nepal travel guide information to find best travel guides of Nepal

complete travel guide to Nepal for trekking tours safari & hotels guide Nepal

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Nepal travel guide information to find best travel guides of Nepal

How to go to Nepal
If you wish to visit Nepal, you are sure to enjoy. To make the best of your holiday look for a best Nepal travel guide and get practical information to ensure a brilliant trip. Jungles, mountains, spiritual sites, medieval cities, travel nirvana are the friendliest people. Read all information to find best travel guides of Nepal.
Bounty of nature
It is apparent to view incredible natural scenery giving the foremost reason to visit Nepal. The Himalayan Mountains offer the best mountaineering and hiking experience on the planet and are the best viewing opportunities. There is an array of outdoor activities for adrenalin seekers. You can watch the stunning historical sites, Kathmandu and the snowy Himalayan mountain peaks.

Check list to find the best travel guide Nepal

01: Find the Destination Expert
First of all you have to check the expertise of company and guides about the destination where you are planning to visit Nepal.Nepal travel guide information to find best travel guides of Nepal
02: Find the Government Licenses company
Check the legal status of company to make sure financial and trip safety standards
03: Read Feedback and Reviews
You must check the clients feedback & reviews
04: Compare cost and facilities
05: Years of Experience of Agency
Above information to find best travel guides of Nepal are not enough to make lifetime journey. Travelers have to have the basic knowledge about place to see, thing to do and best season to visit Nepal also.

Planning on visiting Nepal? these are the travel tips you need to know

What to do in Nepal

Nepal houses seven of ten mountains on the earth. It is very popular for hiking, trekking and mountaineering in Nepal but there are very nice tours destinations too. You can contact one of the best travel guides of Nepal to enjoy its diversity closely. Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan and Lumbini are some popular travel and tours places of Nepal. Nepal is an wonderful country in the world to discover its diverse nature culture and geography is not enough at once . Main things do in Nepal are suggested as follow.

#Must go to see the highest peak of the worldMount Everest” in the Himalayas.
#Visit Kathmandu valley, heritage sites and more
#Visit Bokhara city to discover its unique natural beauty.
#Participate in outdoor attractions in Nepal like trekking, rafting, jungle safari and more
#Visit Lumbini the birth place of Buddha

Nepal is a hub of outdoor attractions. Travel guides of Nepal are the best to hire as they cover trekking to white water rafting and also ensure glacier-fed rivers. There are virtually endless outdoor pursuits. Everest base camp trek, Upper mustang trek, Poon hill trek, Annapurna circuit trek, Everest view trek are some popular trekking in Nepal.

Other places of attraction Nepal
The other places worth visiting are Pashupatinath temple, Boudhanath Stupa, Swayambhnath Stupa, Lumbini, Chitwan National park and Kathmandu, Patan, Bhaktapur durbar square etc. There are temples and monasteries while visiting spiritual site, visitors can walk around spin prayer wheels, central dome and chant prayers.

Best time to visit Nepal
If you would like to go for tours in Nepal visit year round. If you are planning for trekking in Nepal it is recommended to visit from the late September to early December and March to May months. These are the best time to visit, days are longer. Nepal becomes highly active due to hiking period.

Accommodation in Nepal
There are verity of Hotel, guest house, hostel available in Nepal. you can choose according to your budget and facilities requirements.

Food & Culture in Nepal
It is Naturally and culturally diverse country in the world. where you can observe and enjoy more than 100 ethnic group with their own mother tongue. Verity of western food found in major touristic city and trekking routes of Nepal. when you go beyond the main touristic areas of Nepal then you have to eat dal bhat (traditional Nepali food) every day.

Packing Essentials for Nepal
You must cheek the Nepal travel essential while packing the luggage. here is the list of things needed for travel in Nepal.

How to get around Nepal
Bus, car, plane are the main available transportation in Nepal. train facility is not available in Nepal. You have to travel with either tourist bus, local bus, Taxi or private car and flight. Helicopter provides sightseeing and rescue service from the Mountain areas while people suffering from Acute mountain sickness.

How to Get to Nepal
Tribhuvan international airport is the only main gateway to enter Nepal by air. If you are planning to enter Nepal either from India or China there are some overland entry points to Nepal. There are many regular international flights in Nepal from around the world.

Entry requirements for Nepal
Visa needed to travel Nepal except Indian nationals. Nepal visa process is very easy, travelers get it on Arrival in Nepal.

Money and costs of things in Nepal
It is already listed as one of the cheap travel destination in the world. Food and accommodation cost is not expensive. Travelers can survive here with minimum budget about US$ 20 per day in Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan.

Is Nepal safe?
Nepal is poor country economically but very rich culturally. crime ratio is very low here in Nepal. it is 99% safe country for all kinds of travelers. No worry for safety it is safe place to travel.

I think given information to find best travel guides of Nepal helps you to make your journey meaning full. If you would like to know even more things consult Kathmandu travel guide, travel, tours or trekking agency according to your travel need. Find the world famous The Mt Everest base camp trek to Kala Patthar from Kathmandu Nepal information in this link to visit Mount Everest region of Himalayas.