Nepal remit company list with top 10 best remittance companies in Nepal

List of remittance company in Nepal provides cheapest way to send money to Nepal

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Nepal remit company list with top 10 best remittance companies in Nepal

More than 5 million Nepalese youth working in aboard. They send remittance to Nepal each month in this way I update the list of remittance companies in Nepal to make easy for all. Money transfer companies operate under the rules set by the Nepal Rastra Bank (the Central Bank of Nepal) and the Government of Nepal to offer the most secure and safest means of money transfer to Nepal. Working strategy of all remittance companies are very similar between each other. Here are the list of best remittance companies in Nepal.

List of top remittance companies in Nepal

CG Finco related with the Chaudhary group to provide the financial services in Nepal. The company provides a secure, easy, quick, and cost-effective way to remit money to Nepal. It is principle agent of Western Union Financial service Inc. (USA), it is grand network to send and receive money from around the world. CG FINCO is a well known top remittance company in Nepal. It has 2,100 sub-agents and very good networks with major banks and financial institutions of Nepal.
Western Union Money Transfer  (most popular in Nepal and worldwide network)
Remitters can send money to western union money transfer from any part of the world through their correspondent banks and exchange houses in a quick-and-easy way.

02: International Money Express (IME)
Established in the year 2001, IME Limited is one of the leading money transfer companies in Nepal with an investment sum of more than US 100 million ploughed in a range of diverse sectors such as banking & insurance, remittance, tourism and energy and so on.
03: Prabhu Money Transfer
Prabhu Money transfer is one of the top-rated remittance companies in Nepal. It serves the Nepalese community in various parts of the world by providing a speedy, economical, convenient and a safe way of remitting money to Nepal.

04: City Express
City Express Money transfer is a very large payout network with more than 5,500 cash pick up locations and payment points all over Nepal.
05: Suryodaya Remit
Suryodaya Remit is one of the best money transfer companies in Nepal. The company is dedicated to providing a quick, secure way to remit money to Nepal.
06: Easylink Remittance
Among all money transfer companies in Nepal, EASYLINK Remittance Pvt. Ltd was actually the first remittance company in Nepal. Sending and receiving cash is extremely simple. All you need to do is to visit any Easylink Remit payout agent or its own branch and fill the form then hand over.

07: Money gram
If you are looking for the best remittance company in Nepal, look no further than Money gram. It is secure, great and reliable money transfer company Nepal.
08: Himal remit
Himal remit is the remittance service of Himalayan Bank provides web-based online money transfer service. This remittance company is convenient, safe and quick as it allows you to receive and send money from any location in rural and urban areas.
09: Siddhartha remit
Siddhartha remit is an ideal for everyone because it doesn’t require a recipient or sender to have a bank account.It has about 9000+ active payout locations for instant cash pick up and 400+ direct deposit bank accounts all over Nepal.
10: Muncha
Muncha provides safe, legal and easy way to send money to Nepal from around the world. They do provide different options for receiver and senders too like hole delivery, deposit on account etc. This is really very flexible and customers friendly best remit company of Nepal. Muncha provides international payment gateway from Nepal also under I pay remittance company also.

How to start money transfer business in Nepal
Start a money transfer business in Nepal is not easy. You have to have huge amount of investment to established the networks all over the world. If you can invest process to registered a company then apply for authority from Nepal Rastra bank. When central bank provide the authority for remittance company then you can start it.
If you are in budget and would like to start money transfer business for self employment then better to become a agent of Western Union and other networks. If you have skill of computing you can make money easily.
Nepal remittance association is the umbrella foundation of all remittance companies of Nepal. Given list of top 10 remittance companies in Nepal are selected according to the sender and receivers feedback as well as yearly transaction amount published in different portals. If you find any other company better then in given list, we request you all to maintain in comment box, it helps us to update the list in future.