Nepal rafting information to get best white water rafting in Nepal

Whitewater rafting in Nepal package detail at top 5 best rivers of Nepal

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Nepal rafting information to get best white water rafting in Nepal

The best places to go white water rafting in Nepal
One of the most remarkable facts of rafting in Nepal is an unlimited fun and excitement. This article going to update about the best places for whitewater rafting in Nepal. Rafting is a sport where one or more people navigate a river using rubber rafts on rivers using paddles and oar. It is sometimes an extreme sport. Rafting can be done by a single person using a double-bladed oar or with many people using single-bladed oars.
The sport is divided into classes with class 1 requiring basic skills to class 6 which is on very dangerous sections of the river. The sport has been popular since the early 50s and catching on in more countries. Any river with a good flow over rocks is ideal for this sport.

Day trips & multi-day trips to take pleasure of best rafting in Nepal
Rafting is an additional sport in a country already having one of the most rigorous sport as the favorite. With thousands visiting the nation for trekking, Nepal has started using its many rivers for rafting. The sport is gaining interest as this can be combined with trekking in Nepal. You have to trek to a certain height to reach the starting of many of the rafting rapids.
Rafting in Nepal ranges from class 5.5 to class 2 level, which means that there is something for everyone in Nepal. The best times for rafting are from October to December and from March to May. Depending on the month of the year the water levels and the thrill of rafting differ. There are some favorite places for Nepal rafting.

Best places for rafting in Nepal
Many people prefer different rivers. However, some are more favored than others as the best place for rafting in Nepal. The Sun Kosi river offers a great experience for rafting. With sandy beaches where you can camp at night, the trip normally takes around 5 to 7 days to complete. This is graded as the best in Nepal.

Another favorite river for rafting is the Trisuli for people not having enough time. Situated between Pokhara and Kathmandu, this river offers both bouncy rapids and placid places to swim. You can combine the rafting with other activities like canyoning & kayaking when you go rafting on this river, which is also open all around the year. Bhote koshi, Kali gandaki, Karnali river also going popular between adventure lovers. The Tamur is good for the hardcore sportsperson. This requires a three-day trek before you can start the 7-day rafting. It is possible to organize rafting trip in Arun river also.

White water trip at top 5 best rivers of Nepal

01: Trishuli river rafting
02: Bhotekoshi river rafting
03: Sunkoshi rafting
04: Kaligandaki rafting
05 : Karnali rafting

Safety tips for rafting in Nepal
The first and most important safety advice is that you should have the right outfit. Your safety jacket should be secured. Wear protective gear and wear the right outerwear. Another important thing is that you should understand the commands and know what they mean exactly.

Till the end of this post you may get tentative idea about rafting in Nepal. If you need even more information on it contact rafting company Nepal to gather information as well as to organize whitewater rafting in Nepal. Feel the thrill with adventurous rafting trip in Nepal.

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