Nepal property tips with checklist before buying property in Nepal

Online real estate in Nepal: easiest way to buy rent and sale property in Kathmandu

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Nepal property tips with checklist before buying property in Nepal

All about Nepal housing online buying property in Nepal
Anybody would want to own a property in this beautiful mountain nation Nepal. With so much beautiful scenery around, people would love to have a home in Nepal. However, as of now, foreigners cannot own property in Nepal. They cannot even own any vehicles in Nepal. But there are some ways around it.
If you own a company in Nepal, which a foreigner can run, then you can buy property in the name of the company. Another way to own a property is to marry a Nepali citizen which will let you co-own the property. Let us see a few things to guide you to buy a property in Nepal.

Top tips to remember before you buy property in Nepal

01: Purpose of the property
If the purpose is for residence, then it is better to approach the many builders that are available in the area. They will normally build in good residential locations or colonies. This will give you a good neighborhood to live in. You should research the builder completely to see how his constructions are and if he is genuine.
If it is a commercial property then you should get a place near the airport, some hotels or other commercial areas. You can check the new development areas. You should also see where there is the possibility of tourists arriving as that is the main industry in Nepal.

02: Services you need
Whatever be the property you will need certain services nearby to make the property useful to you. If you are buying property in Nepal for commercial purpose, you will certainly need the place to be easily accessible for the people through public transport. You will need to have restaurants, Banks, ATMs and money exchange bureaus near the place.
If the property is for residential purpose, then you will need schools and hospitals to be close by. You will also need markets where people can easily buy things for their needs.

03: Neighborhood
Lots of places in Nepal have a different ethnic population. You should decide in which neighborhood you want to live or have your business. There are many places with the traditional old settlements. There are also the newly developed areas which have a population of mixed ethnicity.

04: Development areas
Look for places which are planned by the government for new development. The prices of property in these areas are sure to rise soon.
The above should certainly be part of your checklist before buying property in Nepal. If you need even more information, Nepal property market tips online before buying property in Nepal contact local real estate companies in Nepal. related given topics may help you to know more before buying property in Nepal. Read the news foreigners to be allowed to buy apartments in Nepal.

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