Nepal postal code check list of all districts pin, zip & postal code of Nepal

GPO address list of Pin, zip & postal code of Nepal

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Nepal postal code check list of all districts pin, zip & postal code of Nepal

The Postal code of Nepal is an recognition number use to identify the location for postal service and more. 44600 represents Kathmandu district postal code of Nepal. There are specific number for each different location inside Nepal. zip code of different district and villages of Nepal listed below. Government of Nepal post office confirmed the Postal address of different area of Nepal.

Postal codes ensure safe and timely delivery of posts to their destination. While filling online or offline forms, sometimes it is necessary to enter ZIP code or PIN code or Postal code. Now, some people don’t know the meaning of all these terms and get confused. So, it is necessary to know about the resemblance and /or difference in these codes.

What is the importance and purpose of postal code of Nepal?

The postal code of Nepal resembles the ZIP code used in the US and many other countries, and also the PIN code used in India. Usually, it is not a trend in Nepal to use ZIP/PIN or postal codes. However, you may require them for different purposes. The GPO (General Post Office) of Nepal generates the ZIP / PIN / Postal code of Nepal.
If you are asked to fill the Zip code of Nepal or PIN code of Nepal or the postal code of Nepal, they all have the same meaning. You can simply enter the postal code of your area in Nepal or 44600. Nepal Postal Code Check List Of All Districts Pin, Zip & Postal Code Of Nepal

What is the postal code of Nepal?
A postal code or post code is a string of digits or letters or a string in which numbers and letters both are present. Sometimes, spaces and punctuation are also used in post codes. Using postal codes, postal services determine the location where they have to send a specific mail. They also facilitate sorting of mails by machine or manually.
Postal codes are very important for getting a mail delivered to its destination when postal service handles millions of mails on daily basis. Although postal code formats and systems vary, however, most of the countries use postal codes. Postal codes help a postman to easily find the destination of a post. They help postman and simplify the task of bringing mails to their destination.

List of postal Codes in Nepal by providence & district

Province no 1:

01: Jhapa district postal code of Nepal 57200
02: Ilam district postal code of Nepal 57300
03: Panchthar district postal code of Nepal 57400
04: Taplejung district postal code of Nepal 57500
05: Morang district postal code of Nepal 56600 & “Biratnagar Bazar 56613”
06: Sunsari district postal code of Nepal 56700 & “Itahari 56705”
07: Dhankuta district postal code of Nepal 56800
08: Terhathum district postal code of Nepal 57100
09: Sankhuwasabha district postal code of Nepal 56900
10: Bhojpur district postal code of Nepal 57000
11:  Udayapur district postal code of Nepal 21907
12: Khotang district postal code of Nepal 56200
13: Okhaldhunga district postal code of Nepal 56100
14: Solukhumbu district postal code of Nepal 56000 & “Namche Bazar 56002″

Province no 2:

01: Saptari District 56400
02: Siraha District 56500
03: Dhanusha District 45600
04: Mahottari District 45700
05: Sarlahi District 45800
06: Rautahat District 44500
07: Bara District 44400
08: Parsa District 44300

Province no 3:

01: Chitwan District 44200
02: Dhading District 45100
03: Dolakha District 45500
04: Bhaktapur district postal code of Nepal is 44800
05: Kathmandu district zip postal code of Nepal is 44600
06: Kavrepalanchok District 45200
07: Lalitpur District 44700
08: Makwanpur District 44100
09: Nuwakot District 44900
10: Ramechhap District 45400
11: Rasuwa District 45000
12: Sindhuli District 45900
13: Sindhupalchok District 45300

Gandaki Pradesh

01: Baglung District 33300
02: Gorkha District 34000
03: Kaski District 33700
04: Lamjung District 33600
05: Manang District 33500
06: Mustang District 33100
07: Myagdi District 33200
08: Nawalpur District 33000
09: Parbat District 33400
10: Syangja District 33800
11: Tanahun District 33900

Province no 5:

01: Arghakhanchi District 32700
02: Banke District 21900
03: Bardiya District 21800
04: Dang District 22400
05: Eastern Rukum District 22000
06: Gulmi District 32600
07: Kapilvastu District 32800
08: Parasi District 33000
09: Palpa District 32500
10: Pyuthan District 22300
11: Rolpa District 22100
12: Rupandehi District 32900

Karnali Pradesh

01: Dailekh District 21600
02: Dolpa District 21400
03: Humla District 21000
04: Jajarkot District 21500
05: Jumla District 21200
06: Kalikot District 21300
07: Mugu District 21100
08: Salyan District 22200
09: Surkhet District 21700
10: Western Rukum District 22000

Province no 7:

01: Achham District 10710
02: Baitadi District 10200
03: Bajhang District 10500
04: Bajura District 10600
05: Dadeldhura District 10300
06: Darchula District 10100
07: Doti District 10800
08: Kailali District 10900
09: Kanchanpur District 10400

District post office Postal Codes and Zip Codes of Nepal listed above, visit Wikipedia for more detail to find the pin code of nearby area. You can use this postal code of Nepal for apple id also.

What is a ZIP code?
A ZIP (Zone Improvement Plan) code is postal code system used by the USPS (United States Postal Service). The basic format of ZIP code consists of 5 digits. An advanced system consists of 4 additional digits. These digits are followed by a hyphen and reference a more specific location. ZIP code is used for quick and efficient mail delivery to its destination.

What is a PIN code?
A PIN (Postal Index Number) code is a 6 digits long code in a post code system that is used by Indian Post. The first 3 digits of the PIN code represent a specific geographical region which is known as a sorting district.
I think now you are clear about the Pin, zip & postal code of Nepal. For sending a post to any location of Nepal, filing online form, a postal or ZIP code of Nepal may be required. You can use the unique postal code of your area in Nepal.