Nepal peak climbing information for peak climbing in Nepal

Nepal peak climbing adventure guide for trekking peak climbing in Nepal

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Nepal peak climbing information for peak climbing in Nepal

Nepal lies in the Himalayas and is the center of peak climbing all over the world. Peak climbing in Nepal is a challenging adventure tour in Himalaya. 8 out of the 14 highest peaks are located in Nepal. Mount Everest is the tallest peak in the world. Nepal is also marked as the No. 1 adventure travel destination for peak climbing in Nepal.

Skills and training for climbing in Nepal

Most of the local companies train individual or group for Peak climbing expedition. Those who have the physical and mental strength to withstand all the discomforts of the travel can go for Nepal peak climbing in Himalayas. The most required skills for mountaineering are as below:

Physical fitness
The most necessary skill is physical fitness i.e., you should have a good health and should be able to walk well as all the time you should be on foot. There is also less oxygen as you ascend altitude, so person suffering from respiratory disorder are prohibited. It is highly recommended to do a lot of research and preparation for expedition in Nepal. Follow the instruction of local Sherpa guide to reach the summit safely.

You must train yourself on how to use navigation tools. Navigation tools allow you to find the correct route. It also helps you in the state of emergency for calling for help. Use the proper weather and climate forecast system to find climatic situation in advance.

First aid
Be aware of the necessary medication before peak climbing in Nepal. You should have all medication in your bag.

Some basic training includes
*Uses of ladders
*Fixing ropes and travelling on fixed lines
*Pacing oneself on altitude
*Route finding
*Self arrest

Preparing your backpack
Some common equipment’s that are needed during the trekking peak climbing in Nepal are listed below for reference.

#Synthetic gloves and boots
#Rappel device
#Face mast and woollen clothes with a hood
#Sleeping bags
#Oxygen canisters

Risk factors
The major risk factors you must be aware of are listed below. it helps you to maintain safety measure during expedition in Nepal.

*Acute altitude sickness
*Khumbu cough
*Rock fall
*Glacier conditions
*Weather and climate
*Critical decision making

Best time to go climbing in Nepal
The time for climbing peak in Nepal is the month of September, October and November and the dry season of April and May. The sky is clear and easily visible and the temperature is also moderate. Among of these months May is quite popular for Everest and other peak climbing in Nepal.

Cost of peak climbing Nepal
Peak climbing overall cost cheaper with local companies. western companies are really expensive to organize the mountaineering in Nepal. Climbing peak under NMA are not very expensive. Average cost to climb these peak in between US$ 1800 to 3200. But peak under government of Nepal tourism minister are more expensive.

Expensive royalty, liaison officer and lengthy process to issue the permit make it complicated. Contact the local reputed agencies of Nepal to organize peak climbing in Nepal enjoy peak climbing and the world’s best mountain beauty.

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