Nepal orphans home list of top orphanages in Kathmandu Nepal

List of children homes in Kathmandu, Nepal & Bal Mandir orphanage in Nepal

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Nepal orphans home list of top orphanages in Kathmandu Nepal

All about children’s homes in Nepal
You will be amazed to know that there are many orphanages in Nepal. Given list of top 10 orphanage in Kathmandu valley helps you to find the best place to volunteer in an orphanage of Nepal. Many foreigner volunteers visit Nepal to volunteer in Nepal through the social organization of Nepal. Nepali volunteers also search the anath ashram in Kathmandu for volunteering in Nepal.

Orphanages in Nepal, who are following UNICEF’s guidelines for the orphans and are also working day and night for their betterment. according to the stats, most of these orphans “maternal and paternal orphans” live with their relatives or with the community members instead of the orphan institutions. The list of orphanage in Nepal who are helping the children in need are:

List of orphanages in Nepal

01: SOS Children’s Villages Nepal
02: Bal Mandir Nepal
This orphanages work for the betterment of orphans should seriously take immediate steps to take care of the orphans in our community.
03: Nepal Orphans Home
This orphanage started with only some children at the start, but now they consist of a lot of children. They focus only on all the major development of a child such as education, health etc.
04: Happy Home Orphanage
05: Lotus Children’s Home Nepal
06: Aishworya Children’s Home
07: Sertshang Orphanage Home
08: Firefly Children’s Home
It is one of the small orphanage in Kathmandu and do provide education and take care of orphans in children home.
09: Papa’s House (Nepal Orphans Home)
The child protection home is also working good they help the children of prisoners in their grooming.
10: Himalayan orphanage HFN
It is also a great orphanage as it helps both maternal and paternal orphans, and double orphans.

Stats orphanages in Kathmandu Nepal

Most of the orphanages in Nepal take those children in who fall within the guidelines of the UNICEF about the definition of an orphan such as:

01: According to the UNICEF’S definition of an Orphan, An orphan is a child of having age in the range from zero to seventeen years and whose mother, or father, or both have died. (or see social orphan or OVC’s)
02: A child whose mother has died is known as maternal orphan
03: A child whose father has died is known as paternal orphan
04: And the child with both parents dead is known as a double orphan
05: Social orphan: A child whose parents might be alive but are not fulfilling their parental duties like the parents who are drug addicts and get separated from the children with a very little chance of reunion, abusive parents, or the ones who neglect their children and do not take care of them.
06: Other Vulnerable Children (OVC’S): Anath ashram in Nepal can also admit those children who have a high chance of negative outcome like malnutrition, no proper education etc.

I think after reading this post you are clear about top 10 orphanages in Kathmandu Nepal. You can find the best children’s home in Kathmandu to help in an orphanage and make positive difference. Come to work in any of listed orphanage in Nepal.

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