Nepal Oil Corporation declared petrol diesel LPG fuel prices in Nepal

NOC hikes petrol diesel kerosene oil aviation fuel & lpg gas price in Nepal

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Nepal Oil Corporation declared petrol diesel LPG fuel prices in Nepal

Nepal Oil Corporation is a government owned trading enterprise of Nepal, which imports, stores and distribute a range of petroleum products in the country. Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) was established by the government of Nepal in 1970 under the “Company Act, 2021 (1964). The government of Nepal is the biggest shareholder, and owns 98.36 percent of its total shares. The rest of the percentage is contributed by Nepal Bank Ltd, National Trading Ltd, Rastriya Beema Sansthan and Rastriya Banjiya Bank.

Fuel prices in Nepal

Apart from importing, storing and distributing various petroleum products across the country, Nepal Oil Corporation also controls fuel prices in Nepal.
It makes adjustments depending on the fuel prices in the international market.
On 1st of September, 2018, the Nepal Oil Corporation raise the prices of all the petroleum products in the country. Nepal Oil Corporation, which is the state oil monopoly, stated in a statement that the prices of kerosene, petrol and diesel reduce across the country. With the new adjustment market prices of fuel in Nepal per liter listed below to check the current fuel prices in Nepal.

Nepal oil corporation fuel price list

Petrol: NPR 112 per liter
Diesel: NPR 98 per liter
Kerosene oil : NPR 97 per liter
Aviation fuel price in Nepal : NPR 73 to 84 per liter
LPG: NPR 1400 per cylinder

New gas cylinder price in Nepal different according to brand. Average price of new gas cylinder with gas start from NPR 3500.

Similarly, NOC also increase the prices of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and the price of air turbine fuel. Similarly, the price of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) also hike up by Rs 25.
Currently, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) sells for Rs 1,350, while air turbine fuel now goes for Rs 84 per liter for domestic flights and Rs 73 per liter for international flights.

Main reasons why Nepal Oil Corporation was established

Nepal is a landlocked country. Therefore, it has to get its fuel from India. Fuel in Nepal is entirely controlled by Nepal Oil Corporation. The government established NOC to ensure that the public is not exploited in any way by private dealers. By importing, storing and distributing fuel and other petroleum products, the government ensures consumer protection in many ways.

First, it ensures reasonable fuel prices in Nepal according to the prices in the international market. Secondly, Nepal Oil Corporation also ensures that the fuel is not contaminated in any way. As you know, fuel contamination can cause damage to vehicles, machines and other equipment. Furthermore, it can cause harm to the environment and humans.

When Nepal Oil Corporation hikes or slash the fuel prices in Nepal we will update the post accordant to the notice published by the NOC.
I think this article helps you to know the recent price of Petrol, diesel, Kerosene oil, plane fuel and cooking gas cylinder price in Nepal. If you need even more detail about organizational structure of Nepal oil corporation vacancy and annual report visit NOC website.