Nepal mountain biking holidays trip the best mountain biking in Nepal

List of top 5 best mountain biking tracks and tours experiences in Nepal

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Nepal mountain biking holidays trip the best mountain biking in Nepal

Tours information mountain biking in Nepal Kathmandu
The purpose of this explanation is to help to plan mountain biking in Nepal. It is an extreme sport involving riding a bicycle over rough terrain, mainly mountains and dirt trails. Special designed mountain bikes are used for this sport. There are several categories of mountain bike riding, but the most popular ones are trail riding and cross-country riding. Mountain biking in Nepal is quite popular. The sport needs endurance, core strength, balance, bike handling capability and self-reliance.

History of Mountain Biking
The first incident of off-the-road biking was in 1896 when the Buffalo soldiers rode from Missoula in Montana to Yellowstone. The first half of the twentieth century saw off-road biking developing into a regular sport. In the year 1979 Geoff Apps developed the first modified bicycle suitable for both wet and muddy conditions.
In the latter part of the century, there were several attempts at making the mountain bike. It was in the first decade of the 21st century that the sport gathered popularity and become a common sport.

All about Mountain biking in Nepal
While Nepal is already very famous for trekking, another sport that is fast gaining popularity is mountain biking. The mountainous regions are crisscrossed with a lot of walking trails used for decades by the local people to go to the market or visit family. These trails are the best paths for mountain biking. There are many places, very close to towns and some deep in the mountains, where biking in Nepal is catching up fast. Let us see some of the trails in Nepal.

Top 5 mountain biking trails in Nepal for biking in Nepal

01: Kathmandu valley bikingNepal Mountain Biking Holidays Trip The Best Mountain Biking In Nepal
02: Pokhara valley biking
03: Jomsom to Pokhara biking
04: Kathmandu to Pokhara biking
05: Kathmandu to Nagarkot biking
Annapurna circuit biking (adventure biking trip Nepal)

The Kathmandu biking trails
There are good trails where you can bike for a day and get back to your hotel in Kathmandu. It is close to the city, so you can keep your itinerary flexible. You also have less populated places where there are excellent bike trails near Kathmandu. Kathmandu valley rim, Shivapuru biking and Nagarkot mountain biking are some suggested mountain biking trails around Kathmandu.

Mountain bike tour in Pokhara Nepal
This could take around 7 to 12 days, but you are always near some town. There are enough tea houses and guest houses for a comfortable stay. You don’t have to carry too many supplies as shops are available near the trail. This is one of the places for best mountain biking in Nepal. Pokhara valley biking, Sarangkot biking quite popular begin from Pokhara.

Mountain biking in mustang Nepal
You can use both lower and Upper Mustang for mountain biking in Nepal. There are some fantastic biking trails. Lower Mustang is easily accessible from Pokhara either flight or drive. Upper Mustang is remote, and you need to get expensive permits. But the scenery and the chance to see the Tibetan Buddhist culture at Lo Manthang is worth it. This is the best place for biking tour in Nepal.

With so many trails and many more undiscovered ones, Nepal is bound to soon become a choice destination for mountain biking. this post give you tentative idea about mountain biking in Nepal. if you need even more information contact the best mountain biking company in Nepal Kathmandu and Pokhara.

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