Nepal meditation center to experience Vipassana meditation in Nepal

Kathmandu Vipassana meditation practice at the best place for meditation in Nepal

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Nepal meditation center to experience Vipassana meditation in Nepal

Where to do meditation in Nepal
As everyone knows Himalaya is one of the best place for meditation in Nepal. You can get nature therapy, spiritual healing and meditation in Nepal at the birth place of Buddha. This post helps you to know about best meditation center in Nepal. They offers guided meditation course to learn meditation in Nepal. Meditation in broad terms means focusing the mind on an object or thought to achieve calm and clear mental and emotional state. It helps people reduce stress, pain, anxiety etc. It makes a person able to attain peace. Meditation has been practiced since time immemorial.

Various methods are used in meditation by various religions, cults and others who practice meditation. Many things are used to focus the minds. Some use certain religious symbols while others use sound. The practice may be different, but the aim is the same. Meditation is mostly used along with other practices like prayer, yoga etc. to attain the complete mental and physical rejuvenation.
Best spiritual healing, yoga and meditation retreats in Nepal

History of Meditation
The earliest written records of meditation come from the Hindu tradition of Vedantism around 1500 BC. The Vedas discuss the meditative practices. By the 5th century BC, it had spread to Buddhism and Taoism.
Coming to the Western world we find evidence of meditation as early as 20 BC in the writings of Philo of Alexandria. But meditation failed to attract the attention of the Christians. As Buddhism spread to other parts of the world, meditative practice too spread. Different forms of yoga also spread from India to different parts, which included meditation.

Experience the Vipassana Meditation in Nepal
It is mentioned in many texts that Nepal is a place where, in ancient times, the sages used to come for meditation. The remote mountains and surrounding calm atmosphere are most suited for meditation. Meditation in Nepal is even today available in many monasteries or other private meditation centers for meditation retreat Nepal. Nepal meditation center offers short meditation retreats also available around Kathmandu for mindfulness retreat Nepal.

The Buddhist monasteries are more popular because it is the Buddha who re-discovered the Vipassana meditation methods about 2500 years ago. Even today there are many monasteries where you can practice this kind of meditation. Vipassana method of meditation is believed to cleanse the body of all negativities like anger, greed,and ignorance. There are many Nepal meditation centers where you can stay and practice the Vipassana meditation. It is one of the best ways to make your mind fresh.

There are many meditation tours in Nepal that you can use to visit the meditation centers and practice. However, Lumbini is the place that is most important when it comes to meditation. This is because this is the birthplace of the Buddha. Here you can see the Mayadevi Temple where the Buddha is believed to have been born.

There are many Buddhist monasteries in Lumbini where you can practice the Vipassana meditation and rejuvenate your body and mind. I think now you are clear about retreats and meditation in Nepal there are some meditation center in Kathmandu Nepal too. If you are searching the meditation tour Nepal, choose program and consult local tour organizer to make meditation holidays Nepal memorable and worthy.

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