Nepal medical tourism information to promote medical tourism in Nepal

The companies promoting health tourism in Nepal case study possibility facts & statistics

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Nepal medical tourism information to promote medical tourism in Nepal

All about health & medical tourism in Nepal
Actually, Nobody knows how many tourist coming for medical tourism in Nepal. But I know that most of the Nepalese politicians, rich people and business man go abroad to get excellent medical care with tourism. It show that Nepal is not perfect place for medical tourism to receive perfect medical, dental and surgical care. If you thinking seriously about your health then forget about medical tourism in Nepal.

If you have just headache, fever, stomach ache, diarrhea, cough, cold, altitude sickness or other normal problem then Nepal is one of the best Medical tourism destination in the world. It is cheap and best place to spend quality time in Nepal compare to other countries.
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There are some companies & NGO are active to promote the medical tourism in Nepal. I will definitely update its result in coming years. At this stage, personally; Nepal is not the perfect destination for medical tourism, decide yourself.
But keep in mind that there are some world famous doctors also work in Nepal they do provide the best care on specific disease.

Resources found online about medical tourism in Nepal
Nepal is fast emerging as a popular destination for medical tourism. Medical tourism in Nepal is growing and is a major reason for the high tourist influx in the country. It helps generate employment and revenue for the country and contributes to the economic development of Nepal. The country offers quality and dedicated medical services to the tourists at a fraction of the cost compared to the developed western countries.The medicines and other medical services are available in very low prices, which is one of the drivers for the growing medical tourism in Nepal. The other key drivers for the growing health tourism in Nepal are as follows:

Qualified Medical Service
Nepal is known for providing quality health care services. The doctors are well qualified and have completed their masters from some of the most prestigious universities and institutions in UK, US and Japan. They have many years of rich experience and are readily available for medical tourists without any queue. The support health professionals like nurses, technicians who assist the doctors also are highly qualified and experienced in their domain.
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No Language Barrier
English is commonly spoken by the healthcare professionals in the country. Hence, the foreign medical tourists especially from the west, will not face any kind of language barrier and inconvenience during their visit Nepal.

Customized Services
Nepal offers varied medical services which can be customized according to the needs of the tourists. There are small clinics to large multi-specialty hospitals in Nepal, which can cater to the needs and budget of different type of medical tourists.

Use of latest technologies
The hospitals in Nepal are equipped with the latest and the state-of-the-art medical equipment which offer medical services which are comparable to any developed country. The technicians who operate such machines are also well trained and equipped to operate them.

Other support services
The government is very supportive towards promoting health tourism in Nepal. They are committed towards the safety and well-being of the medical tourists visiting the country. Visa extension is also easily provided in Nepal. Transportation, lodging, and travel-related amenities are easily available for the visitors.

Nepal is also world renowned for Naturopathy- natural method of treatment. It focuses on treatment through yoga, reiki, meditation and other different activities and avoid the intake of medicines. There are well-qualified doctors and technicians for naturopathy in Nepal.

Conclusion “how does one increase medical tourism in Nepal”
Many tourists visit Nepal for medical tourism. Medical tourism in Nepal is growing rapidly due to the availability of world-class services at a fraction of the cost compared to western countries. The government is also doing its best to promote Nepal medical tourism.
I think you are clear about health tourism in Nepal, make lots of research on it before heading towards for medical tourism in Nepal.

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