Nepal homestay package programs detail about best homestay in Nepal

Community homestay in Nepal to experience rural homestay tourism in Nepal

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Nepal homestay package programs detail about best homestay in Nepal

What is homestay in Nepal
To be honest community homestay in Nepal is only trip where you get the real feeling of love and care from local. At the same time travelers get an opportunity to know the real image of Nepal including people, culture, lifestyle and foods.

Community homestay tourism is gaining popularity all over the world. This helps people from different cultures to learn about other differing cultures. There are many activities the tourists can indulge in with the local people. There are various art forms which they can know more about and participate. Tourists also take part in the local occupations like farming, fishing or other jobs which the locals do to earn their livelihood.

Rural homestay programs in Nepal
The local people who host the tourists gain tourism benefits. Apart from this, they learn more modern methods adopted in the developed countries. The community homestay is usually arranged in the developing nations for tourists from developed countries. This helps in the development of the local community of the host nation.

Homestay tourism tn Nepal
This kind of Nepal homestay is becoming popular in all the various regions of the nation. There is a huge impact of this on the local community. Many of the places where the homestays are arranged in the villages. The tourism will be a huge financial advantage for the local society. They gain monetarily from the rent and other expenses that the tourists will be paying for.

Rural villages homestay industry in Nepal
This kind of homestay has a great influence on the society of Nepal. Mostly the small communities don’t benefit much from tourism. But with the homestay kind of tourism, they are the direct financial beneficiaries. Each household directly gets the money. Another major impact on the kind of knowledge the visiting tourists can spread to the local communities. If they are a farming community, the visiting tourists may be able to give them knowledge of modern methods of farming in Nepal.

Importance of home stay in Nepal
Homestay in Nepal also helps promote ecotourism in Nepal. Many communities have benefited much from homestay tourism in preserving the ecosystem. Nepal had suffered much due to too much influx of tourists who come for trekking in Nepal. This had caused major damage to the environment by way of the garbage they left. But he homestay tourism is helping to preserve the ecosystem by involving the tourists in preserving the environment. This also helps to raise the economic standard of the home stay village Nepal. . Bets places list of homestay in Nepal

Homestay destinations in Nepal
Many of the homestay tours Nepal has allow you to stay where you can also indulge in other activities. The Nagarkot community homestays are close to waterfalls and jungles which make a good hiking activity. The Annapurna community trek allows you to enjoy trekking while staying only in homestays and community lodges. The Patlekhat community homestay is inside an organic farm. You can learn the techniques of terrace farming also from the local community. Himalayan organic farm Nepal provide village stay in Nepal program to spend quality time at an organic farm Nepal. Beside that Bandipur, Chitlang, daman, Ilam, Lamjung, Kathmandu, Pokhara are quite popular for homestay tourism in Nepal.

I think now you are clear about package programs of homestay tour in Nepal. if you need even more detail on challenges & history of homestay in Nepal contact local home stay trip organizer Kathmandu, Nepal. we will update the step by step process of homestay registration in Nepal soon.

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