Nepal geo tours packages with projects details of geotourism in Nepal

Need to know the principles, destinations with benefits of ecotourism in Nepal

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Nepal geo tours packages with projects details of geotourism in Nepal

Introduction of Nepal geo tourism destinations
This piece of writing will introduce you about geotourism in Nepal. There are only few travel agents practice Nepal geo tourism models. Nepal is a country blessed with natural beauty. It is home to eight of the ten highest mountain peaks in the world. Numerous tourists and mountaineers flock the country every year to experience its natural beauty and the mighty Himalayas.

This has boosted the local economy but at the same time, it has created undue stress on the local infrastructure and environmental hazards due to scattering of litter and waste. It is in this context that the concept of Geotoursim in Nepal is becoming popular. Geotoursim means preservation of the geography, nature, environment, and the culture of the place.

Steps towards geo tourism Nepal

Employing locals
The expedition team should always employ locals for the work of porters and guides. This will support the local economy. The local porters can also offer valuable tips to the visitors due to their knowledge of the local conditions.

No child labor
It should be ensured that no child is employed by the visitors. The staff employed should be strictly above the prescribed adult age and no form of child labor should be promoted.

Ensuring staff rights
Geotoursim in Nepal also includes ensuring the staff rights. All the guides and porters should be fairly treated and should receive fair payments. They should also have protective equipment and appropriate clothing, insurance and sufficient relevant training. The porters should not carry weights more than the prescribed limits.

Paying fair prices
The tourists should pay the fair price in local shops for all the products and services. They should not bargain or accept offers of discount. This will contribute towards the strengthening of the local economy and promote geo tourism in Nepal.

Being environment-friendly
All the visitors should be environmentally conscious. Any waste should be collected and disposed only in the designated waste disposal sites. Leaving the litter back will cause environmental hazards. Instead of taking plastic bags from shops, environmentally friendly alternatives should be used, or the existing plastic bags only can be reused. It is recommended to buy food locally to avoid any plastic packaging. Bottled drinking water should be avoided and locally boiled and purified water should be used as an alternative.

Benefits of geotoursim
The benefits of geo tourism in Nepal are manifold. It helps to preserve the local environment, geography, and the culture from external influences. It ensures that the tourist sites are not damaged or spoiled in any manner so that they continue to attract more tourists.

The above-mentioned practices should be followed by all the tourists for promoting geotourism in Nepal. It is not difficult to practice and needs little attention to details. After reading this post you may clear on principles, destinations with benefits of geotourism in Nepal. it helps to write an easy for school students also about Nepal getourism projects. If you need even more information consult local geo tours organizer Kathmandu Nepal.

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