Nepal electricity per unit rate with current situation of electricity in Nepal

History of hydropower & total electricity production in Nepal demand and supply

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Nepal electricity per unit rate with current situation of electricity in Nepal

Nepal electricity authority & current situation of hydroelectricity in Nepal
Researchers estimate shows that it is economically possible to produce about 40,000 MW hydroelectricity in Nepal. The current situation of electricity in Nepal approximately 680 MW only. Nepal Electricity Authority, abbreviated as NEA, is the body that generates and distributes electric power in Nepal. Established on August, 1985, NEA does its work under the supervision of Nepal government.

Nepal Electricity Authority owns Hydroelectric Plants connected to the national grid amounting to 480 Megawatts. NEA also buys power from the Independent Power Producers (IPP) amounting to about 230 Megawatts of electricity. NEA operates 2 fuel operated plants that generate electric power amounting to 53 Megawatts.
The total capacity of INPS that Nepal Electricity Authority operates stands at a total of 757 Megawatts. There are other various projects underway to help meet the demand of Nepal electricity. However, these projects have been plagued by delays worsening the current situation of electricity in Nepal.

Major source of electric power in Nepal

The demands of electricity in Nepal are currently met by the energy generated 99 percent from hydropower, which is not actually an energy mix. If Nepal can be able to find the right mix of electric energy sources, it will be able to balance out the weaknesses and strengths of each individual source.
Experts believe that the biggest part of the energy mix is hydro-power because Nepal has about 40,000 MW of technically feasible hydropower including 2100 MW of solar power, more than 100 MW of micro hydro power, and 3000 MW of wind power. Furthermore, it is believed that about 1.1 million domestic bio gas plants can easily be developed in the country.

What ails the current situation of electricity in Nepal

Even though Nepal has an impressive energy mix, the country is still importing 450 MW of electric power from the neighboring countries in order to attain balance in the system. This current situation of electricity in Nepal costs the government of Nepal more than 20 billion Nepali rupees, which it pays to India every year.
Nepal’s electricity demand stands at more than 1495MW, and still growing. To try to meet this demand, the government of Nepal has been increasing the amount of electric power it imports from India over the last 15 years. For instance, the government important about 34 percent of the total energy supply in Nepal from India in the year 2016-17.

List of hydropower companies in Nepal, potentials and current status

Hydropower                              Capacity (MW)
01: Kali Gandaki                         144
02: Middle Marsyangdi               70
03: Marsyangdi                           69
04: Kulekhani I                           60
05: Khimti I                                 60
06: Upper Marsyangdi A            50
07: Upper Bhote Koshi              45
08: Kulekhani II                         32
09: Chameliya                           30
10: Trishuli                                24
11: Chilime                                22
12: Gandak                               15
13: Modi Khola                         14.8
14: Devighat                             14.1
15: Madkyu Khola                     13
16: Jhimruk Khola                     12
17: Thapa Khola                       11.2
18: Sunkoshi                             10.05
19: Lower Modi I                       10
20: Andhi Khola                         9.4
21: Indrawati III                          7.5
22: Puwa Khola                         6.2
23: Mailun Khola                        6
24: Chatara                                3.2
25: Panauti Hydropower            2.4
26: Seti                                      1.5
27: Fewa Hydropower                1

List of hydro-power projects in Nepal under construction

Hydropower Station                                   Capacity (MW)
01: Upper Tamakoshi Project                           456
02: Rasuwagadi                                               111
03: Middle Bhotekoshi                                      102
04: Lower Solu                                                  82
05: Trishuli 3A                                                   60
06: Upper Marsyangdi A                                   50
07: Sanjen                                                        42.5
08: Mistri Khola                                                 42
09: Khani Khola (Dolakha)                                30
10: Khani Khola I                                              25
11: Kulekhani III                                                 14
12: Gamgadhi                                                   0.4

Due to financial limitation of the government, the current situation of electricity in Nepal can be improved by the private sector in the current and mid-term future. The situation can also be improved by ensuring that the development of hydro power projects are funded well, and supervised strictly to ensure that they are completed within the shortest time possible. I think this article help you to know about history of hydropower & total electricity production in Nepal demand and supply etc.

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