Nepal education facts to know the importance of education in Nepal

How is the education system in Nepal & present status of literacy rate in Nepal

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Nepal education facts to know the importance of education in Nepal

Information about Education in Nepal
Nepal is an underdeveloped country that is struggling for improvement in its education system in Nepal. This article helps to know the present status of education in Nepal including the types of school and huge discrimination in education in Nepal between rich and poor children’s.

Importance of education in Nepal

Education is considered very important for citizens of every country in this world, whether the country is developed or underdeveloped. Strong education system increases chances of development for any country. So, it is necessary to understand the importance of education and invest in education of kids. Education is a fundamental infrastructure of development.
Education is a privilege for the citizens of any state. All states should guarantee this privilege to their citizens. For long, Nepalese have remained ignorant about the importance of education. So, due to lack of quality education, they have lost many opportunities and benefits.

History of education in Nepal

Throughout the 20th century, education in Nepal greatly improved. Nepal’s first formal school was established in 1853. In 1951, there were only 10 thousand students in 300 schools in Nepal. Adult literacy rate was only 5 percent. Number of schools is increasing day by day. In 2010, there were almost 50000 schools in Nepal. By 2015, the overall adult literacy rate became 66 percent in Nepal. It was built for the elite class only.

Present Status of education in Nepal

Some International organizations assist the education system in Nepal. When modern education system was not functional in Nepal, only rich, elite classes were enjoying the privilege of education. At that time, poor people could not afford education and stayed illiterate or low quality education in Nepal. In the past, education was also a privilege for the sons of rich families. Due to social beliefs, girls were not allowed to receive proper education.

Nepal education system

There are limited education and employment opportunities in Nepal. These factors have caused outflow of Nepalese students. Currently, Nepal is one of those countries that send many students to foreign country for better education. During 2016 to 2017, the number of Nepalese students increased by 20 percent in the United States.

If growth rate is compared among top 25 sending countries, Nepal’s growth rate is the highest growth rate so far. From 2008 to 2016, Nepalese have seen 9 different governments. Nepalese have also seen catastrophic earthquakes in 2015. Political instability, earthquakes, poverty, lack of value on education, social issues are some of the main factors that have made it difficult for Nepal government to improve Nepal education system.

What is the literacy rate in Nepal?
Nepal’s literacy rate at 65.9 percent.

Inequity problems of Public education in Nepal
The education in Nepal has recently been growing and it is developing continuously. However, Nepal education system still has many flaws. Quality Education in Nepal is mainly available to the children of rich parents in Nepal. Children of poor parents go to community schools that offer low quality education. Those parents who have enough money, they can send their children to schools that offer better facilities and higher quality of education.

Children’s of reach family got to abroad for further study after complete the secondary education in Nepal. Children’s of poor family go to abroad to be a hard working labor before and after complete high school education in Nepal.
I think this article helps to know the present status of education in Nepal, its importance, statistics and history of education in Nepal. It helps for students to write thesis and essay on education in Nepal. If you wants to know even more then consult, higher education board or ministry of education in Nepal. Better to know about how many people have reached the summit of Mount Everest  in Nepal.