Nepal eco-tourism benefits with potential of eco tourism in Nepal

Status of green tourism in Nepal activities impact of sustainable tourism in Nepal society

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Nepal eco-tourism benefits with potential of eco tourism in Nepal

Introduction & importance of Eco tourism in Nepal
There is no doubt that Eco tourism in Nepal play the vital role to uplift the life slandered of local. Nepal is home to abundant natural beauty and varying landscapes. Nestled in the lap of the mighty Himalayas, it is making rapid progress towards being one of the most preferred destinations for eco-tourism. Eco-tourism focuses on travel activities which directly benefit the local economy and people and cause minimal adverse impact on the nature and environment. It is also known as green tourism and sustainable tourism in Nepal.

Potential of Eco-Tourism in Nepal
Nepal is blessed with natural beauty. It is home to some of the highest mountain peaks in the world, gushing rivers from glaciers, forests, valleys, and a wide variety of flora and fauna. It is an ideal country and eco-tourism in Nepal has immense potential.
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Benefits of sustainable tourism in Nepal
In fact the history of eco tourism in Nepal is not very long but the benefits of Eco-tourism in Nepal are as follows:

Conservation of Environment
Eco-tourism will ensure minimum negative impact on the environment. The tourists are encouraged to follow environment-friendly travel with negligible use of harmful materials like plastics or other chemicals. The waste is also disposed systematically and not littered around. This ensures protection of the environment and guards against over-exploitation of natural resources.

Employment generation
Green tourism in Nepal will also generate local employment. The locals can be gainfully employed as guides, porters etc. who can earn some money while also helping the tourists have a memorable holiday.

Overall development of local Economy
The sustainable tourism in Nepal will aid the local economy. The locals will earn money through the tourist influx by providing various services to the tourists. This will strengthen the local economy in the country. When eco-tourism picks up, the locals can also get trained in different skills which can help them fetch a better and well-paid job.

Better experience for tourists
The tourists will also learn to live in harmony with the nature. They will experience the traditional food, culture, lifestyle and feel themselves closer and more connected to the nature. They will develop insights into living in close coordination with nature- a lifestyle which is more rewarding and sustainable.

Status of Eco-Tourism in Nepal
Despite of the immense scope, the eco-tourism is still in infancy stage in Nepal. This is primarily due to gaps in government policy and implementation on this front. A comprehensive policy and committed implementation are needed for promoting eco-tourism in Nepal aggressively and taking it to the next level.

Conclusion on impact of ecotourism in Nepal
Nepal has the potential to become one of the best locations in the world for eco-tourism due to its abundant natural resources. This will give a push to the tourism in the country and the growth of the local economy. It will also ensure conservation of the environment and protection of natural resources also.

I think after reading this post you are clear about the sustainable tourism in Nepal. if you wants to know even more about green tourism in Nepal consult tourism organization of Nepal, they may help you with all details of Eco tourism in Nepal.

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