Nepal chartered accountants list of chartered accountant in Nepal

Basic knowledge on salary, course, fee and institute of chartered accountants in Nepal

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Nepal chartered accountants list of chartered accountant in Nepal

Need to know the scope of chartered accountants in Nepal
I am happy to inform you about chartered accountant in Nepal. Actually chartered accountants in Nepal are the financial adviser and guide to any company. In fact the course of chartered accountant in Nepal is not easy to complete. Fee structure also is very high compare to other subject. Sharp minded students can complete this course to become a chartered accountant in Nepal. Chartered accountant course covers accounting, auditing, taxation and financial analysis in practical basic.

The job of a chartered accountant cannot be described easily. It is also authorized to check the company’s account and certify it to be correct, which will be accepted by the government authorities. The CA is responsible for advising the companies with regard to tax, financial matters, accounting methods etc. so that the company can know their financial health at any time.

History of chartered accountancy
It was first established in 1854 as a professional body of accountants in Scotland. They were then granted the royal charter from The Edinburg Society of Accountants in 1854, and The Glasgow Institute of Accountants and Aberdeen Society of Accountants in 1867.

Chartered Accountancy is Nepal started as late as 1974 when CAs with five years of experience were given permission to audit the accounts of any company. The Association of Chartered Accountants, a voluntary body of 15 CAs was formed. The Royal Seal was received by the Nepal Chartered Accountant Act and the Institute of Chartered Accounts of Nepal (ICAN) was formed in the same year.

The First exam for a chartered accountant in Nepal was conducted in 2000. In 2008 ICAN became a full member of the International Federation of Accountants.

How to become a chartered accountant in Nepal?
The first step to becoming a CA in Nepal is to study the foundation level at good private tuition centers. You have to then pass the foundation level exam. Once you have passed the foundation level exam or CPT, which will take about a year, you have to write the intermediate level exam. This is considered to be very tough and this is where you learn many of the things needed to become a Chartered Accountant.

Once you have passed the intermediate level, you have to undergo an internship with an audit firm for three years. You can start attempting the final exam after completion of two years. Once you pass the exam and complete the three years of internship, then you can apply for a license with the ICAN.

What is the salary of chartered accountant in Nepal
Salary of chartered accountant in Nepal will be around $ 55,000 with an experience of about three years. This could vary with companies or whether you are doing private practice. An accountant in Nepal can hope to earn a good salary and a good status in the society. They are highly respected by everyone.

List of the ca firms in Nepal

01: NBSM & Associates
02: BRS Neupane & CO
04: M.B .PANDE & CO., Chartered Accountants
05: S. C. Lal Associates
06: TR Upadhya & Co.
07: G. P. Rajbahak & Co., Chartered Accountants
08: RPB & Associates Chartered Accountants
09: G & G ASSOCIATES Chartered Accountants
10: Deepak Shrestha & Associates, Chartered Accountants

I think after reading this post you gain knowledge about chartered accountant in Nepal. if you need even more information about it, contact The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nepal (ICAN). Remember that The Association of Chartered Accountants of Nepal “ACAN” is the umbrella foundation of all chartered accountants in Nepal.

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