Nepal canyoning trip cost details to experience canyoning in Nepal

The best places for canyoning in Nepal & waterfall rappelling tour price

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Nepal canyoning trip cost details to experience canyoning in Nepal

Information about canyoning in Nepal
Are you planning to take a pleasure with canyoning in Nepal? This article will definitely support you to gather information before going to experience the canyoning in Nepal. Canyoning is another one of the adventurous sports that is gathering popularity. It requires many skills. It is an activity that can be undertaken wherever there are gorges and streams passing through rocky terrain.
Also known as gorge walking, this activity demands multiple skills such as scrambling, abseiling, cliff jumping and swimming in Nepal. There is also the necessity of knowing the area where you are going to do canyoning very well.

Canyoning has developed recently into a sport. But the actual activity had started when people started exploring places. Americans exploring the land for the first time where faced with the dangerous canyons and had used the methods of canyoning to travel these areas. In the sixties, when equipment for mountaineering and rock climbing were invented, canyoning got more popularity. Though the term means climbing down the canyons, it is mostly done where there is a stream flowing downhill.
Outdoor canyoning in Nepal
Being a country that lies mostly in the mountainous regions of the Himalayas, canyoning in Nepal is an activity that fits naturally. There are various places for canyoning and many companies offer canyoning packages in Nepal. There are canyoning sites very close to the capital city of Kathmandu. There are many other place which will offer you all the thrills of canyoning in Nepal.
Canyoning is open from September to June in most places but the best times are from October to December and March to May.

Clothing & Equipment for canyoning tour Nepal
Nepal canyoning like in any other part of the world need some special equipment and dressing for the activity. You will need to dress in flexible but fitting clothes. They can be rash guard shirts and leggings with shorts over them. The clothes are likely to be damaged when you scraped against rocks. Jewelry of any type is not permitted. Long hair needs to be tied close to the head. It is better to wear closed-toe water shoes. You should also be carrying a set of dry clothes when you go canyoning trip in Nepal.

A rope and a helmet are necessary equipment while going canyoning. But canyoning trip organizers in Nepal will provide you with this equipment as this is included in the price. Guide brief you the safety tips before start the canyoning adventure in gorges.

Canyoning tour prices
Canyoning Nepal price will vary with area and the agency which organizes the tour for you. Normally a one-day canyoning trip including the equipment, food and transport will cost your anywhere between US$75 and US$90. Some resorts offer you stay and canyoning package along with other activities.

There are so many Best places for canyoning in Nepal but only few nearby Kathmandu are promoted. If you interested to take the great waterfall rappelling tour in Nepal consult organizer to find the unique spots for canyoning in Nepal. Nepal Canyoning Association is an umbrella foundation of all canyoning organizers in Nepal.

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